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New Orleans has 389,617 inhabitants and is the largest city in the state of Louisiana in the USA. With the important port on the Mississippi River it is an industrial city. The old town and also the Creole cuisine are very famous. In the Spanish and French colonial style there are many different buildings. New Orleans is also known as the "cradle of jazz". The jazz legend Louis Armstrong for example came from New Orleans.
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You can find jazz music in all corners of the city. There are countless small pubs and many stages for the popular jazz singers. There is a lot of live music that fascinates the inhabitants and tourists. Jazz LIebhaber are in New Orleans at the right address and can listen to many different musicians and also styles of jazz. New Orleans is located in the delta of the Mississippi.

When the city was founded, French settlers built a small area of the city a little higher up. Today this is known as the "French Quarter". In New Orleans the religion "Voodoo" is practiced. Voodoo means "spirit" and originally comes from West Africa. Whoever is interested in the subject will find it here. The temperatures in New Orleans are at most around 30 degrees Celsius in summer and are rather mild the rest of the year.

The humidity here is measured at around 70% throughout the year, so that comfortable leisure wear can be worn. Short pants and shirts are appropriate. In 2005 New Orleans was hit by hurricane Katrina. Two canals broke and flooded large areas of the city. The large water pumps of New Orleans failed. With government support, the city was gradually rebuilt.

The catastrophe hit the socially disadvantaged and black people especially hard. In the intact areas lived mainly whites. In the meantime New Orleans has been rebuilt. For tourists, the French Quarter, the Mississippi, Canal Street and Esplanade Avenue, as well as the legendary Bourbon Street are recommended. Whoever visits New Orleans should be spoiled by the local cuisine.
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Here the cooking is fresh and tasty with Creole influences. If you like music, this is the place to be and you can move from one performance to the next. The location of the hotels is decisive: if they are located in the middle of the busy streets where people cavort, it is certainly loud at night. So when booking, take care which accommodation is chosen. New Orleans is always worth a trip.

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