Adventure vacation on the Croatian island of Palagruza

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The Croatian island of Palagruza belongs to a small uninhabited archipelago in the middle Adriatic Sea. This archipelago consists of two larger and three smaller islands surrounded by 15 rocks. They are the islands furthest away from the Croatian mainland and are located 124 kilometers south of Split and 168 kilometers east of the Italian Pescara. The main island is Palagruza Vela, to which there is a boat connection from the port of the island of Korcula.
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Palagruza Vela is 1.400 m long and only 300 m narrow. It is also called the island of the Greek hero Diomedes, who is said to have distinguished himself in the Trojan War. Believe the myths or not, archaeological findings actually prove that there was a temple of Diomedes in the ancient world (5th century B.C.). However, traces of settlement from the stone age have also been found here.

Geographic and climatic conditions of the island
Palagruza does not have a typical Mediterranean climate, but a more subtropical one, similar to that of North Africa. The temperatures are from May to October at over 20 to 30 degrees. From June on, the water, which is crystal clear here, also has over 20 degrees. Diving and snorkeling are a dream, you can see 30 to 40 meters deep without any problems! The islands are a nature reserve for many native plants and animals.

On Palagruza there are two sand bays: Stara Vlaka with its pebble beach in the northwest and Zola with the stony beach Veli Zal in the south. On the highest point (90 m) there is an important manned lighthouse since 1875. You can visit the lighthouse and the original lighthouse keeper, from here you can even see both Adriatic coasts at the same time. A guided tour is also offered, the island has two hiking trails. In the lighthouse keeper's house there is a vacation apartment, guests come by a supply boat.

Sail to Palagruza yourself by boat
Those who love the thrill of approaching the beautiful island by boat should inform the lighthouse keeper before their arrival. He explains where you can safely drop anchor, according to the current weather conditions. Although the northern bay seems to be suitable for anchoring with a southern wind, it is impossible to reach the island from there without a huge climbing action.
Palagruza - View of the sea© dante / Fotolia

The southern bay is perfect for anchoring boats, but there is not much space if there are a few other boats. At night there are countless fishermen in the area, so it is better to visit Palagruza during the day. There are two rocks with underwater rocks in the bay, but you can see them quite well during the day. Because of the unsettled weather and the rocky rocky ground of the north and south bays, you need courage and good navigation skills to stop at Palagruza.

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