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Romantic days in historical Zagreb
In Zagreb, the largest city in Croatia and also the capital of the country, culture and modernity join hands. If you want to walk in the footsteps of history and at the same time enjoy the pure nightlife of the city, you will come across many sights.
Zagreb - View of the art pavilion© Gordana Sermek / Fotolia

The special flair of the city, the many cosy alleys and the unique atmosphere invite you to stay. Zagreb is worth seeing at any time of the year and with its bars, restaurants and shops invites you to unique culinary experiences. Tkalciceva ulica is probably the most popular street in the city. It is not only during the day that shops attract visitors, but also at night the mile is indispensable. Here people celebrate until the early hours of the morning, with tasty specialties of the country, with music and the right atmosphere for an informal stay.

Zagreb by night
If you want to get your feet wet, you should definitely stop by the Opera Club. The worldwide known discotheque is popular with many stars and trumps with its laser show. If you want to party, this is the place to be. If you want to enjoy the nightlife more quietly, a visit to the Wine Bar Bornstein might be just right.

Cosiness is very important here. And as the name suggests, this pub is especially recommended for wine lovers. Right in the heart of the city, the traveller will find La Bodega Bar, which with its rustic furnishings and special flair will ensure a unique stay.

Whether for a cup of coffee, with a served ham, a glass of wine or many small delicacies, those who want to relax from an exciting day should dare a side trip to this bar. At night the city of Zagreb awakes to new life. Those who have mentally refreshed themselves during the day with the many sights will be surprised at night. The romantic city, with its winding alleys, offers so much more than just culture and history.

Temples and museums for history lovers
The name of Zagreb was mentioned as early as 1094 and introduced the ancient culture of the city. The flourishing of the city reached its peak in 1242 and Zagreb was first mentioned as the capital of Croatia in 1557. Old temples and palaces still adorn the cityscape today, as does the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which was built in the 12th century and has gained great importance in the city's history. History lovers will enjoy the variety of museums and monuments.
Zagreb - View of the cathedral of Zagreb© dreamer4787 / Fotolia

Those who want to venture deeper into the city's past should plan a visit to the archaeological museum. 40,000 exhibits await the visitor, which are of unimaginable value. Artifacts, jewellery, granaries, antique household objects and much more will make the heart of a hobby archaeologist beat faster. But also less experienced visitors will be amazed.

A visit to the Holy Mary Monument is also worthwhile. The beautiful monument adorns the square in front of the Zagreb Cathedral and illuminates it in romantic gold. Zagreb is worth a visit. Thanks to its historical sights and modern way of enjoying life, the city deserves a special place in the heart of a traveller.

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