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Fuerteventura belongs to the Canarian Islands and is located in the Atlantic Ocean shortly before Africa. The Canarian Islands are only four hours by plane from Europe, so that holidaymakers can enjoy a short journey time. The island is known for its endless sandy beaches and water sports like wind and kite surfing.
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In addition, the climate is pleasant all year round, with temperatures ranging from 21 to 29 degrees Celsius depending on the month. Therewith, the Canarian Island is a popular destination for those who want to enjoy bathing holidays all year round. As there is always a small wind, windsurfers and water sportsmen find ideal conditions. Especially the beaches of Jandía are worth seeing.

Facts and figures
Fuerteventura has a surface of 1660 km² and therewith, it is the second biggest island of the Canarian Islands after Tenerife. The official language is Spanish and the capital Puerto del Rosario is located in the northeast, where the international airport is also located. Corralejo in the north and Jandía in the south belong to the most popular holiday areas of the island.

Besides bathing tourism, water sports and hiking trails are motives for tourists to spend their holidays here. Sailing, surfing, swimming and water-skiing can be done on the beaches as the mood takes you. The island is 98 km long, 28 km wide and has about 110,000 inhabitants. Neighbouring island is Lanzarote, which is only 11 km away in the north. The volcanic origin of the Canarian island chain is reflected in the barren landscape and forms a very own charm.

Beaches as far as the eye can see

Visitors to Fuerteventura find one thing above all else: beaches! Some of them seem to be endlessly long, just like the island itself. They invite you to take long walks on the beach and to sunbathe intensively. Especially in the area around Costa Calma, Jandía and Esquinzo you can find the most beautiful beaches of the island. The Playa de Jandía scores with calm sea, fine white sand and turquoise water, which almost reminds of the colour of Caribbean beaches. Thus, Jandía is not only ideal for all fans of beautiful beaches, but also for families with small children.

Landscape features

On Fuerteventura it is windy - sometimes more, sometimes less. This is already revealed by the name of the island, whose origin can be derived from fuerte (span. for "strong") and viento (span. for "wind"). Surfers and sailors are happy about it. Since the island is of volcanic origin, there are many hills of dark rocks and little green in the interior. The vegetation is sparse, at best palm trees are planted in holiday resorts. But nevertheless: a high mountain, as it is the case in Tenerife, is not an option and the volcanic landscape radiates its very own charm. On hiking trails the bizarre beauty of these can be discovered.
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Gastronomic specialities
Also gastronomically the island attracts with some delicious specialities. Seafood and freshly caught fish can be found in every good restaurant, but also at many hotel buffets. As a starter, Fuerteventura often serves goat cheese, which is produced on the island itself and is one of the best in Spain. Also a special Canarian dish are the "papas asadas" (Spanish for "wrinkled potatoes"), which are small potatoes that are cooked in such a way that they get a delicious salt crust on the skin. They taste great as a side dish with fish and meat.

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