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Ancient colossal buildings, Baroque splendour, lively piazzas and a kaleidoscope of art and culture - that is Rome, the eternal city. According to the legend, Rome was founded in the 8th century BC by the twins Romulus and Remus, who are said to have been suckled by a she-wolf. In fact, the metropolis on the Tiber was built on seven hills and became the hub of the world. Rome created an empire and became the epitome of everything military, artistic and sacred.
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All roads lead to Rome, was for a long time not just a saying but reality. From here, a large part of the earth was conquered and especially the Christian church started its triumphal procession from Rome. Roman culture, music and literature have left their mark on foreign peoples and even today, when you visit Rome, you will be amazed at the wealth of sights from two and a half thousand years ago, the Mediterranean attitude to life and the pulsation of a city with over 3 million inhabitants.

What you must see in Rome
Rome inspires with its countless stairs, fountains, piazzas, monuments, parks and gardens. Not to forget the world-famous museums, churches and palaces. Most of the sights are within walking distance, or easily reached by metro or tram. We also recommend the Hopp-off-Hopp-on bus tours, where you can get on and off at the attractions and places of your choice. The best thing to do is to get a Rome Pass first and find out in advance which attractions are included in the price, where there are discounts and which tickets can be booked online.

The most famous in Rome is St. Peter's Basilica with St. Peter's Square in front of it and the Vatican Museums. Here it is worth visiting the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo's ceiling fresco and the mural painting of the Last Judgement. You should also not miss the ancient Pantheon Temple, the gigantic Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus. The Palatine Hill can be visited at the same time as the entrance fee for the Forum Romanum.

The Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps are also a must, they are among the most popular meeting places for Romans and guests. You should not miss a visit to the Piazza di Navona with its baroque fountains. If you want to experience the Roman way of life, visit the Campo de' Fiori with its side streets and the lively Piazza Popolo. To the east of it, the Pincio Hill begins with a spacious park. In it you will find the famous Villa Borghese and the Galleria Borghese with one of the most valuable private art collections in the world.

Great views, In district and Rome by night
The former working-class district of Trastevere has developed into an insider tip for the evening. Here you can eat well and drink wine in comfort. The 16th century Villa Farnese and the ascent to the Gianicolo hill are worth seeing. From the equestrian statue of the legendary freedom fighter Garibaldi you have a great view over Rome.
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You should not miss a panoramic tour of Rome by night. Something special is also the guided culinary tour in small groups. You can eat pizza like the Italians in the Testaccio district. The best coffee in the city is said to be in the Old Town, in the Café Sant Eustachio, and the tastiest ice cream at Giolitti.

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