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The North Sea is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany. Here you can explore the coast, islands and mainland, which have a special attraction. The North Sea is the perfect place to relax the soul and pamper the body with sports and spa offers all around.
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Beach and water
The North Sea is unique. The world's largest tidal flats stretch from the Dutch coast to Denmark. The Wadden Sea is a very fertile ecosystem. Although the water of the North Sea has a very high salt content, the Wadden Sea is extremely fertile. Countless different animals and plants can be found there. On a mudflat walk along the North Sea, holidaymakers can discover the diversity that the Wadden Sea has to offer. Of course you can also swim in the North Sea.

However, if you want to enjoy the healthy effects of the salt water on your skin, you can also visit the Thalasso Wellness Centre, where visitors can undergo a treatment with mud, algae and minerals. Apart from swimming, water sports such as sailing or boating on the North Sea are also possible. The North Sea lowlands are very suitable for long bike rides, hikes or horse rides.

Visit the surrounding cities
Not only swimming and mudflat walking is possible at the North Sea. The Ostfriesland has so much more to offer than that. If you look at the surrounding cities such as Bremerhaven, Emden, Cuxhaven or Wilhemshaven, there are many more activities to list. Bremerhaven is interesting for all those who are interested in architecture, because there are a lot of old buildings here. Among them is the landmark of this city, the "Great Church".

This is actually called Bürgermeister-Smidt Memorial Church and is located directly on the city's shopping street. The "Great Lighthouse" or "Simon-Loschen-Tower" is another attraction that tourists at the North Sea should have a look at. Bremerhaven has no lack of culture, as the city has its own municipal theatre and several museums. Families are in good hands at Bremerhaven Zoo. In Cuxhaven, holidaymakers can visit the fishing museum or one of the ship museums. Furthermore, this city has many different beaches to offer. For example, there are several green and sandy beaches, a nudist beach and health resorts.

Visit islands at the North Sea
The North Sea islands are particularly popular with tourists. These can be divided into North Frisian and East Frisian Islands. The special charm of these islands comes from their enchanting landscape, the mudflat coast and the maritime weather. In this respect they are typical for the North Sea landscape. However, the islands are largely car-free and therefore a great destination for nature lovers and people who want to do something good for their health. This is exactly what the people living on the islands place special emphasis on.
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The North and East Frisian Islands are health resorts where health and relaxation should not be neglected. Nevertheless, the North Sea Islands offer a considerable range of activities that also appeal to young people and families. Tidal flat walks, walking tours, island to island walks, fishing, sailing and surfing are just a few examples of the activities that can be done on the islands. The islands can be reached by ferry from the mainland.

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