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With more than one million inhabitants, the city of Cologne is one of the most populous cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. The city on the Rhine is not only popular because of the famous Cologne Cathedral, it is also known as the stronghold of the federal state during carnival time. Whoever travels to Cologne should always be in a good mood and be able to embark on an adventure.
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Cologne's most striking landmark, the cathedral, should not be missed on a city trip. The Roman Catholic Cathedral Church is the third highest church in the world and was built in Gothic style. If you want to dedicate your trip to the sights of Cologne, you should definitely make a detour to the Hohenzollern Bridge. This architectural wonder not only has towers and portals, but is particularly interesting because of its arches.

Enjoy nature in Cologne
Of course, in the metropolis Cologne there are not only monuments, buildings and churches to admire. Nature lovers also get their money's worth here. The Cologne Zoo, which was founded in 1860, attracts many travellers every year. The zoo is divided into the individual continents, the respective animal species and is considered the third oldest zoo in Germany. A visit to the Stadtwaldpark is also worthwhile.

If you want to let nature take its effect on you and relax a little from the stressful everyday life, this is the right place. Romantic water channels and ponds invite you to relax. And those who can bring a lot of time with them are well advised to take a Cologne city tour. Not only the medieval old town of Cologne is a real eye-catcher, but also the historic city hall should not be missing on a trip to Cologne.

To celebrate in Cologne
Those who belong to the fully rested vacationers should of course not miss the nightlife of Cologne. A trip to Spirits is always worthwhile. The bar, which is known for its extraordinary cocktails, also promises an appealing interior with suitable music. If you like a special ambience and would like to dance the night away, you should visit the Barracuda Bar in the Belgian quarter of Cologne. There is always something going on here at the weekends and as a partygoer you will get your money's worth.
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And if you would like to be pampered with home-style cooking, the restaurant "Bei Oma Kleinmann" should not be missed. The rustic ambience and authentic atmosphere add the icing on the cake to your stay in Cologne. The metropolis of Cologne can certainly not be explored in just a few days, but you only need a few hours to feel the special flair of the city.

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