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The Czech city of Mariánské Lázn? is located in Western Bohemia. A total of 40 springs originate in the town, whose healing effects were already known in the Middle Ages. However, Mariánské Lázn? is not only a spa resort. Sights, events and numerous sports facilities attract thousands of guests to Mariánské Lázn? every year.
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The history of the place and its sources
Marienbad began in the 12th century with the foundation of a monastery. Even the monks knew about the healing springs. In the early 16th century the first water samples were tested for their ingredients. Around 1807 the first bathhouse was built at the Marienquelle. In 1813 a bathing resort was finally established, which was named after its spring:

Marienbad. After the place received recognition as a "bath", it developed rapidly and soon had an excellent reputation as a spa. Hotels were built, parks were created. Famous personalities like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Richard Wagner or the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. visited the glamorous Marienbad. Many monuments still remind us of them today.

The sights in Mariánské Lázn?
The main colonnade is one of the sights of the town. The colonnade was built in the late 19th century. As it is one of the few preserved foyers in the world, it is a monument of architectural history. It is not only its cast-iron construction that is particularly noteworthy. The numerous frescos and bronze reliefs are also worth seeing.

The "Singing Fountain" attracts music lovers every day from 7 am. The round fountain has a diameter of 18 meters. It is designed in the shape of a stylized flower. More than 250 nozzles provide a varied water feature. Until 9 pm, the fountain plays different pieces of music at every odd hour, such as the overture from "The Barber of Seville".

The miniature park "Park Boheminium" is the fourth largest in Europe. It is located near the centre of Mariánské Lázn? Among other things, the park shows the Karlstein Castle, the Prague Cathedral of St. Nepomuk and the Liberec cable car. The exhibits also include churches, windmills and bridges. The models are reproduced on a scale of 1:25.

Leisure activities for visitors to Mariánské Lázn?
In May, the season opening of the spa is celebrated with a craft market, concerts and a parade with historical costumes. The cultural offer also includes spa concerts, theatre performances, dance evenings and exhibitions. Furthermore, several festivals are held in Mariánské Lázn? every year. These include the jazz festival, the film festival and the Chopin festival. There is also a classic car meeting.
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If you want to spend your free time in Mariánské Lázn? in a sporty and active way, you have several possibilities. For example, since 1905 there has been an 18-hole golf course with demanding fairways. But visitors can also go hiking, cycling and swimming in and around Mariánské Lázn? For all those who visit Mariánské Lázn? in winter, there are various winter sports opportunities.

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