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Oxford, located about 90 km northwest of London, is one of the most famous cities in the United Kingdom and also the capital of the county of Oxfordshire. It can be easily reached from the capital of Great Britain via the M40 Motorway or by one of the express buses that run several times an hour. The time difference in relation to Germany is only -1 hour. Oxford is internationally famous for its elite university, which is one of the oldest and most renowned in the world.
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Oxford University has a remarkable list of internationally renowned graduates, including Oscar Wilde and Stephen Hawking. In addition to academic achievements, the city of 160,000 inhabitants also has impressive sights to offer. In addition to the Ashmolean Museum, which is dedicated to art and archaeology and is also architecturally remarkable, the Carfax Tower is particularly worth a visit.

This tower is a relic from the 11th century and forms the centre of Oxford, from which the Quarter Boys, figures in Roman style, beat the quarter hour. During the warmer summer months, when the average temperature is around 18° Celsius, Oxford's location is particularly well suited to the city's location. Since the city centre of Oxford is situated exactly between the two rivers Thames and Cherwell, the city can be explored by water instead of by land.

When the weather is fine, boat trips on one of the two rivers invite you to experience the remarkable scenery once again from a completely different perspective. The Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford, which was almost completely renovated between 2016 and 2017, offers a wide range of shopping opportunities.

For those who prefer a relaxed stroll through the city, there are more shops and stores scattered throughout the city, which should leave almost no wish unfulfilled, from clothing to souvenirs to regional specialties. The Oxford Botanical Gardens are especially suitable for families for a day trip. Special events are regularly offered there for the youngest children, while for adults a café, for example, invites them to linger.
Oxford - Bridge of Sighs

All year round, countless different and sometimes special plant species can be explored here, which are either grown and presented in the large outdoor area or in one of the many greenhouses. The English city of Oxford, with its impressive history and diverse landmarks and recreational opportunities from single travellers to families with children, definitely has something to offer every visitor.

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