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Spectacular diving areas and national parks

The archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean belongs geographically to Central America. The island state consists of more than 700 islands, only 30 of which are inhabited. In addition, there are 2,400 coral reefs, which are called Cays. The Bahamas extend over an area of 14,000 square kilometres off the southeast coast of the USA and the northeast coast of Cuba...


A picturesque town with a beautiful old town

Faro is located in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve. A picturesque town with a beautiful old town. The old town lies within city walls. In front of Faro there are sandbank islands and in Faro several beautiful old buildings. A marina invites you to stay. Bathing, sun and many excursion possibilities Faro has to offer. The Arco da Vila is one of two landmarks of the city. The building was commissioned by Bishop Francisco Gomes do Avelar and...

New York City

The city that never sleeps

The breathtaking metropolis on the east coast of the USA is located in the state of the same name. The area of New York City almost reaches the size of the Berlin city area. Around 40 percent of the 8 million inhabitants were born abroad. It is estimated that people from at least 200 countries live in New York. The inhabitants are considered to be a people of their own, who affectionately call their city the Big Apple...


American Way of Life

There is hardly any other state in the USA where the American Way of Life is as true as in Florida. Openness and optimism characterize the people here and nowhere else is the money as loose as here. Florida is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The coastline is 3,000 kilometers long, the sea shines emerald green and the endless white beaches are also among Florida's attractions...

Cape Town

One of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world

Is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. The Mothercity, as it is also called as the oldest city foundation in southern Africa, offers everything the heart desires: water, mountains, culture, great architecture, shopping malls, wine and excellent food. Cape Town is modern and traditional at the same time, unconventional and casual, sporty and culturally inspiring...

Causeway Coast

Recreation at Northern Ireland's coast

The Northern Ireland Causeway Coast is considered by many visitors to Ireland as one of the most beautiful regions of the island. The Causeway Coast is roughly the same area as the district of Coastal Causeway and Glens, which covers the northern coastal county of the province of Northern Ireland. The district consists of approximately half of the...


The capital of Ireland has not been a secret tip for a long time

The on the one hand tradition-conscious, but at the same time lively capital of Ireland is no longer an insider tip for city trips in Europe. Whether by low-cost airline or by scheduled flight - many airlines fly to Dublin, so that the pleasant metropolis is practically on your doorstep - and that at very reasonable prices. In Dublin, many visitors start their city tour on O'Connell Street, one of the main arteries of the city...


Endless beaches and great climate all year round

Fuerteventura belongs to the Canary Islands and is located in the Atlantic Ocean just before Africa. The Canary Islands are only four hours by plane from Europe, so that holidaymakers can enjoy a short journey. The island is known for its endless sandy beaches and water sports such as wind and kite surfing. In addition, the climate is pleasant all year round, with temperatures ranging from 21 to 29 degrees Celsius depending on the month...

Dominican Republic

Miles of beautiful sandy beaches

The Caribbean island of Hispaniola shares with the state of Haiti, which occupies the western half. The Dominican Republic is known everywhere for its miles of beautiful sandy beaches. But if you are looking for a beach vacation and art, culture and life in your destination, the Dominican Republic offers the opportunity to explore sights that can be traced back to the time of Christopher Columbus. For example in the capital Santo Domingo,...

San Juan

The lively capital of Puerto Rico invites you

500 years ago San Juan was an inaccessible city. Today it is the capital of Puerto Rico and one of the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Visitors will be enchanted by the natural magic of Puerto Rico, its vibrant culture and its old world elegance. The city is the most famous tourist destination in Puerto Rico and a good starting point to visit the...

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