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The breathtaking metropolis on the east coast of the USA is located in the state of the same name. The area of New York City almost reaches the size of the Berlin city area. Around 40 percent of the 8 million inhabitants were born abroad. It is estimated that people from at least 200 countries live in New York. The inhabitants are considered to be a people of their own, who affectionately call their city the Big Apple. The 5 districts include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. The heart of New York beats in Manhattan, which lies on a headland.
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As a symbol of freedom and independence, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are closely linked to history. Every year, 45 million visitors come to the city on the Hudson, East and Harlem River. Many internationally active corporations have their headquarters in the business metropolis of New York. The Wall Street Stock Exchange, John F. Kennedy Airport, the ports of the city and the seat of the United Nations are of worldwide importance. New York is considered a trendsetter in fashion, art, design, music and film. The name "Manhattan Island" is often heard.

The individual districts of Manhattan include, for example, the popular shopping area of Chelsea. The most famous artist district in New York is called SoHo. In Midtown Manhattan there is the Theater District with Broadway. The Central Park is located in the Upper West Side. Yorkville is known as Little Germany. In the course of the street, New York was built grid-like starting from the Houston Street in the north. The numbered streets are divided into East and West Side.

In the summer months New York is hot and humid with temperatures of over 30 degrees. In the winter, temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees and are accompanied by blizzards. The best time to travel to New York is in spring and fall. The metropolis is particularly atmospheric in the pre-Christmas period and on New Year's Eve. A part of the city area belongs to the Atlantic coastal plain. The fine sandy beaches on Long Island and along the coast of New Yersey are popular destinations for swimming.

Countless skyscrapers characterize the skyline of New York, which is called the world capital. The Flatiron Building is the oldest skyscraper still standing. Since 2013, the One World Trade Center has been the tallest building at 541 meters. The visitor platform on the 86th floor offers a spectacular view of New York City. More than 5,800 buildings are higher than twelve floors. The city has 200 museums, 500 galleries and 150 theaters. The 18,000 restaurants in New York leave nothing to be desired. The cultural center of the city is located on Times Squares.
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The most important buildings include Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden. One of the most famous museums of contemporary art in New York is the MoMa, the Museum of Modern Art. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum shows works by Picasso, Klee or Kandinsky. The Trinity Church or St. Patrick's Cathedral are worth seeing. The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island can be reached by ferry. Travellers in New York find peace and quiet in Battery Park or in Central Park, the green lung of the city.

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