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Mexico's Jewel on the Pacific Coast

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Puerto Vallarta is the most important seaside resort in Mexico after Acapulco and CancĂșn. It is located at Banderas Bay, one of the largest bays of the American continent on the Pacific Ocean. The old town with its promenade MalecĂłn shows itself in Spanish colonial style. Puerto Vallarta was once declared the "city with the best ambience".
Puerto Vallarta - Los Muertos Pier© Sandra / Fotolia

White sandy beaches and crystal clear water

Clean white sandy beaches and water that glistens in all shades of turquoise to azure blue in bright sunlight - this is a sight to be seen at almost every bay in Mexico. Gentle waves that slowly glide towards the beach complete the picture. Sipping a fresh coconut and lying in a hammock between palm trees - this is Mexico too.

And of course all this also applies to Puerto Vallarta. A colourful mixture of bars and restaurants on the beach and promenade round off the picture almost perfectly. While the popular places Acapulco or CancĂșn are often crowded with tourists, the vacationer in Puerto Vallarta at the Banderas Bay can expect a different kind of Mexico vacation.

The diversified holiday destination at the Pacific

Puerto Vallarta is so multifaceted that one actually does not even need to think if it is the right destination. The tropical climate is of course convincing. During the whole year, the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. Thus, these are perfect conditions for sun worshippers who prefer to sunbathe on one of the countless beaches.

For action lovers, the city and its surroundings offer a wide range of offers and activities. The Los Arcos Marine National Park and Nature Reserve and the Islas Marietas offer a diverse and exciting underwater flora and fauna with tropical fish, starfish and coral. The sea there is also very good for surfing and sailing. Special highlights are the various local underwater caves.

This also leads to the fact that the most popular sport in Puerto Vallarta is without doubt diving and snorkeling. For people who prefer to stay on land, a mountain bike tour or a horse ride through the land and landscape is a good option. The species-rich animal world on land can also be explored very well on an exciting safari. Sometimes as a tourist you can also enjoy watching rare marine life such as whales or dolphins off Puerto Vallarta.

Originality meets modernity
Besides the beautiful natural impressions, the man-made work in Puerto Vallarta should not be underestimated. The wonderful promenade extends alongside the shore up to Los Arcos. Clubs, bars and restaurants line up close together there. The smell of seafood and mojitos is in the air as well as the sound of Latino music. This is where the colourful life of the city takes place - no matter what time of day it is.

The old town of Puerto Vallarta exudes a special charm, its architecture is even regulated by strict regulations. All houses must shine in white to contrast with the red bricks. Here you can stroll wonderfully over the cobblestone pavement and enjoy the rustic flair of the old town with boutiques and restaurants. Many tapas bars offer both tourists and locals a varied selection of regional dishes. An insider tip are also the weekly markets with their fresh regional food.
Puerto Vallarta - the blue domes of the skyline © jpdillin / Fotolia

Travel time
The main travel season from October to May offers almost no rain, pleasant temperatures and tolerable humidity. Almost every day cruise ships dock here for a day stop in the narrow natural harbour, mostly during the journey from Los Angeles to Acapulco. Besides CancĂșn, Puerto Vallarta is a popular destination for US students for spring break in February.

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