Spectacular diving areas and national parks

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Spectacular diving areas and national parks - Bahamas
The archipelago in the Atlantic belongs geographically to Central America. The island state consists of more than 700 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited. In addition, there are 2,400 coral reefs known as Cays. The Bahamas extend over an area of 14,000 square kilometres off the southeast coast of the USA and the northeast coast of Cuba. Spanish conquerors called the archipelago Baja Mar, which means "shallow sea".
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means. In the former crown colony, the British Queen is considered the head of state. The most populated islands are New Providence, Grand Bahamas, Out and Family Islands. The biggest island in terms of surface is called Andros. On Cat Island, Mount Alvernia is the highest elevation with 63 metres. The most important cities are Freeport and the capital Nassau with 200,000 inhabitants.

Besides the official language English, the inhabitants of the Bahamas speak a Haitian Creole. People of African origin form the largest part of the population. The traces of the earliest settlement date back to the 4th century. Christopher Columbus discovered the islands in 1492 and they became British crown property in 1717. Since 1973 the Bahamas are independent and sovereign. Besides tourism the people live

from fisheries, shipbuilding and timber trade. Only a small role is played by agriculture, as there is a lack of suitable irrigation facilities. The most important airport is located in Nassau. On the Bahamas there is left-hand traffic. The main travel season is outside the hurricane season between December and May. In summer the average temperatures rise to 28 degrees. Due to the warm Gulf Stream the values rarely fall below 20 degrees in winter. Then water temperatures range between 24 and 29 degrees.

Among the millions of guests who travel to the Bahamas every year are many passengers from the USA. Most vacationers have booked a cruise from Miami. Since the archipelago was the shooting location for several James Bond movies, the destination has received even more attention. Apart from the glittering world of casinos, the Bahamas offer above all accommodation and resorts for the discerning traveller. Water sports enthusiasts prefer the

spectacular dive sites to experience dolphins, sharks or manta rays in their natural environment Sunken Spanish galleons or limestone underwater caves are popular destinations for divers. The centre of ecotourism is Grand Bahama. Far away from crowds, a holiday on Outer Islands is a great way to spend your holiday. In 22 national parks 260,000 hectares of the Bahamas are protected. The protected areas include unique mangrove forests and the Andros Barrier Reef.
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Some of the 30 inhabited islands of the Bahamas can only be reached by mailboat. Depending on the distance, the crossing can take up to 2 days. The mail boats transport everything. The capital Nassau offers a pirate museum for the youngest as well as sights like the harbour, museums and fortresses. Fort Charlotte is the largest and most impressive fortification with a moat, drawbridge and dungeon. Typical souvenirs of the

Bahamas are bags, baskets and dolls made of straw, which are sold at so-called straw markets like on Cable Beach. Paradise Island impresses with Atlantis Aquarium, Clifton Heritage National Park and Versailles Gardens. In the north of Long Island is the Columbus Monument. A trip with the Exuma Powerboat, as well as day trips from Nassau to Rose Island and Blue Lagoon Island are among the highlights of the Bahamas.

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