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White sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, rhythmic music, cigars, rum and vintage cars - all this immediately makes you think of Cuba. The island state in the Caribbean lures with its exoticism and makes it thus a dream vacation destination. Besides numerous sights, it offers a large part of untouched nature and tradition.
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Typical Cuba
Why is Cuba automatically associated with cigars and rum? The answer is obvious, because in Cuba, rum and cigars, but also tobacco, are traded. Bacardi, for example, is a type of alcohol originating from Cuba. It is also particularly interesting that Cuba is home to the second largest area of tobacco cultivation in the world. Another important yield factor for the state is the export of sugar.

Salsa music is typically Cuban and inevitably invites you to dance along. Rhythmic, rousing sounds emanate from almost every pub on the beaches of Cuba. It is therefore no wonder that dancing is in the blood of the Cubans. Oldtimers of the brands Ford, Buick and Chevy are also a trademark of the Caribbean island. The numerous presence of these US oldtimers is due to the fact that since the enactment of an embargo, no more cars could be imported from the USA.

Therefore the Cubans cared for and maintained their cars and kept them roadworthy. Typical Cuban food consists of rice and black beans. This may seem extremely simple to Europeans, but it is considered a favorite food among the islanders. Deep-fried meat is also common, with banana chips serving as a side dish.

Nature and sights
One of the most impressive sights of Cuba is probably its capital Havana. Especially the UNESCO World Heritage Site Habana Vieja, the old town of Havana, boasts magnificent architectural buildings. The cathedral of Havana or the old Spanish fortress are among the travel highlights in the capital. Cuba does not only convince with picturesque and interesting cities.

Also the nature of the island state lures with several highlights. For example, you can follow in the footsteps of Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra National Park and go on a hike to the rebel camp to gain an insight into the life of the revolutionaries. The Cuevas de Bellamar are also worth a visit. These underground caves are the largest in Cuba and over eleven kilometers long. A special sight are the stalagmites inside the cave which are up to twelve meters high.
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In the wild, you can also observe several animal species in their natural habitat. With a bit of luck you can catch a glimpse of the smallest bird in the world, the so-called bumblebee hummingbird. Besides all these sights, there are many other exotic and exciting places to explore in Cuba. The Caribbean island offers a colorful variety of travel highlights for every taste.

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