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Alaska is the destination of choice for adventurous travelers who want to experience the vastness and diversity of a landscape characterized by torrential streams, endless forests, snow-capped peaks and majestic polar regions. Alaska stretches from the Canadian border to the Pacific Ocean in the south. In the west, the country extends to the Bering Sea and in the far north to the Arctic Ocean.
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Since 1959, Alaska has been part of the 49th state of the United States of America. The state is almost five times as large as the Federal Republic of Germany but is sparsely populated. The fascination of Alaska lies in the wide plains, the high mountain ranges, the dense forests and the almost untouched nature with numerous wild animals and lush vegetation.

Varied landscape

Alaska offers an impressive and diverse landscape with different climate zones. The American state is also often called "Last Frontier" or "Land of a Thousand Lakes". In the language of the Native Americans, Alaska is called "land towards which the sea flows". In the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the mighty Yukon rises, which crosses the country in the middle and flows into the Bering Sea. The coast is rocky and rugged, with countless fjords.

In the southwest there is the so-called Alaska Peninsula, to which the chain of islands of the Aleutian Islands, the Alaska and the Elias chain with mountains up to 5,000 metres high are connected. The capital Juneau is located in the extreme southeast, where the whole region is only accessible by ship or plane. Alaska's largest city is the port of Anchorage on the south coast. From here many tours are possible and the historical place offers many sights.

Places of interest and excursions

Alaska's capital is famous for whale watching tours as well as the Glacier-Bay National Park with its impressive glaciers. Anchorage is famous for its fjords in Prince William Sund and offers historical and cultural attractions in various museums. A highlight of every Alaska trip is a visit to Denali National Park in the northern central part of the Alaska range. Mixed forests, tundra and breathtaking glaciers shape the landscape. With 6,190 meters, Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in North America.
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Its sight is reflected in the clear waters of Wonder Lake and at the foot of the mountain bears, moose and caribou cavort. Further destinations are the hot thermal springs of the Chena Hot Springs Resort or a kayak tour on the Chena River. In Fairbanks, in the heart of Alaska, everything reminds you of the great gold-digger days in the middle of the 19th century. Alaska Pioneer Park introduces visitors to the culture and history of the region. You can also see the northern lights from fall to spring in Fairbanks.

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