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On the American West Coast there is a city that radiates a very special charm and flair that is unparalleled in the entire United States. San Francisco has often been the subject of songs and the series "The Streets of San Francisco" with a young Michael Douglas and Karl Malden made the city world famous. With about 900,000 inhabitants, San Francisco is one of the fourth largest cities in the entire state of California, although it does not seem to fit the classic cliché of the sunshine state. Due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, there is never a guarantee of good weather in the metropolis, but San Francisco has a lot to offer its visitors even in bad weather.
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The sights of the cult city

As a real must for the visitors of the "City by the bay", which is also called Frisco or San Fran, is of course the majestic "Golden Gate Bridge". The impressive bridge with a total length of 2700 meters is one of the longest bridges in the world and connects "Fog City" with the northern part of Marin County. The Golden Gate Bridge is the landmark for San Francisco par excellence, but there is much more to see in Frisco. However, it has to be said that the visitor has to invest some time to see all the sights. San Fran is a city for which somehow man can never spend enough time.

Another obligatory program is a ride with the "Cable Car", the public tram. The network covers the entire city and highlights the special features of San Francisco's streets, which can probably only be admired in this form in very few cities around the world. This is also where it becomes clear why a trip to the city of San Francisco by car is strongly discouraged. On the one hand, there are only very few parking lots, which - due to the limited number - are very expensive, and on the other hand, every sight in San Francisco can be easily reached on foot or by tram. Those who are interested in history should definitely visit Chinatown in San Francisco.

Hardly any other district reflects the long history of Frisco so clearly and yet is so culturally diverse. The times when Chinatown was populated only by Asian immigrants are long gone in San Francisco and yet the district has lost none of its original charm. Those who prefer a more nature-loving atmosphere should definitely take their steps towards Golden Gate Park. This park is considered as the big counterpart of San Francisco to the Central Park in New York. But the interested visitor of the city can only gaze at the whole extent of San Francisco from Twin Peaks.
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The Twin Peaks is located in the southwest of the city and is one of the most popular view points in the whole United States of America. San Francisco is also still very famous for one place, even if few people wanted to see the inside of this place in its heyday. The world famous prison island "Alcatraz", also called "The Rock", was the involuntary home of gangster giants like Al Capone and is now a museum off the coast of San Francisco. Those who visit Frisco should not miss a visit to the most infamous prison of the whole world.

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