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Golden beaches, a movie-like setting and an amusement park

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Santa Monica is a special vacation spot in California. The unique sunset "Golden Hour" attracts many tourists to be on the road at this time. Those who like can take the opportunity for a leisurely stroll through the city. Every destination in this city can be reached on foot, every step leads to a different attraction.
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Places of interest
The Santa Monica Pier is known far beyond Santa Monica. Directly at the pier is the Pacific Park Amusement Park and attracts, among other things, with an unsurpassable view over Santa Monica from the solar-powered Ferris wheel. The ambience of the amusement park captivates every tourist. Music lovers get their money's worth, street musicians provide live music.

Farm markets offer interesting products every week. Who does not know Route 66? Santa Monica is the end of the route. The incomparably beautiful beaches encourage holidaymakers to enjoy the bathing fun. If you want to collect cultural impressions, there are over 120 galleries and museums in Santa Monica. Trips to Los Angeles can be realized, because only 45 minutes by train bring the visitor to LA.

Shopping - there are many possibilities

The famous 3rd Street is a typical shopping street. The pedestrian can move freely, cars are not allowed to drive in this street. In the evening, the trees appear in a different light; the romantic lighting is suitable for holidays and relaxation. At the famous Santa Monica Pier, the guests can have a snack after their shopping tour.

Beach holiday

The "golden" beaches invite you to enjoy the pleasures of swimming. As well known as the Santa Monica Pier is the kilometre long beach, so that the visitors get their money's worth. The beach is never crowded, so everyone can enjoy the sun or the water. But a little walk from the promenade up to the longed for sea is necessary. This is something that the visitors like to take on themselves. Walking pelicans at the beach are not rarity. Cycle tours are offered; on the 35 km long and well developed cycle path cycling is a pleasure. The cycle path is popularly called "The Strand."

Famous guests

In Santa Monica you can find prominent guests. When LA gets too boring for them, they come to the more quiet Santa Monica. The stars meet in the glamorous hotels. On the seafront promenade there are hotels that provide a magnificent view of the sea. Santa Monica has been used as a backdrop in many Hollywood movies and TV series. "Baywatch" or also "The Clou" are surely known to many people.
Santa Monica - Pier in the evening© Nick Fox / Fotolia

Accommodation and food in Santa Monica
Guests who do not have a large income will find respectable accommodation. From a culinary point of view there is something for everyone, from American fast food - of course - to vegan restaurants. The gourmet fast food is praised as a special delicacy.

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