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This state of the USA is not only the third largest, but a world of its own. You can find almost everything there, because California offers sightseeing and recreational opportunities in abundance. Picturesque beaches, dry deserts, world-famous metropolises, breathtaking national parks or ski resorts: there's something for everyone!
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It is highly recommended to start a trip through California in San Francisco. From there you can explore the 31st US state southwards. For us the stay in "Frisco" of course also meant to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, which is about 2.7 km long in total and one of the landmarks of the city and the United States in general. We could see the bridge in the warm morning light, so that it seemed to glow red-brown.

Also the visit of the prison island Alcatraz deeply impressed us and made us feel some cold showers. The island is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, one of the largest and most visited urban parks in the world. After relaxing, we treated ourselves to the bustle of pier 39, where guests can enjoy themselves all year round. The numerous restaurants and souvenir shops invite you to linger. But the sea lions dozing peacefully at the pier could not be disturbed in their peace.

About 300 km east of San Francisco is Yosemite National Park. The mountainous landscape of the Sierra Nevada is perfect for hikers and adventurers who spare no effort to enjoy an unforgettable view. Simply spectacular is the view from Clacier Point down into the wide valley. The huge granite rocks, clear streams and giant sequoias are not to be missed on your tour of California. Most of California's known animal and plant species can only be found in Yosemite National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to explore California by car, there is no way around the legendary U.S. Highway 101, which was opened in 1926 and is almost 2500 km long. The road ends in Los Angeles, California's largest city. A visit to the big film studios Universal Studios or Warner Bros. is not only for movie lovers an absolute highlight. We had a lot of fun walking the Walk of Fame and trying to match the screen heroes immortalized with stars to the appropriate films. We admired the Hollywood Hills with the famous white letters from a distance.
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The climate at Venice Beach is comparatively mild all year round, so you can plan very flexible if you are considering a beach holiday on the Pacific coast. The sandy beach is about 4.5 km long and connects directly to the beach of Santa Monica. It is teeming with creative people, be it musicians, street artists or painters. On the Ocean Front Walk, lined by countless palm trees, you will not only get to know the sunniest side of California, but all cultures of the world - a dreamlike ending of your journey through California.

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