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The fascinating Santo Domingo is the capital of the picturesque Dominican Republic and can look back on a long and proud history. The impressive town has about three million inhabitants and is located on the south coast of the Caribbean island Hispaniola. Santo Domingo de Guzmán, the full name of the country's largest metropolis, was founded in 1498 by Bartolomé Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus, and is the oldest city created by European hands in the so-called New World.
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Even today, numerous sights remind us of the importance of the settlement during the colonial period. Santo Domingo enchants above all with its historic old town, which was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. You should definitely take your time to visit the Ciudad Colonial, because there are many extraordinary buildings in it, such as the oldest cathedral in America. According to UNESCO, the unfinished Catedral de Santo Mariá de la Encarnación Primada de America is an architectural wonder par excellence, even though until today, the towers of the 16th century cathedral are missing.

In 1877, the church even contained the presumed remains of Columbus the explorer, for which the Faro a Colón, a 240-metre-long building in the shape of a cross, was built to celebrate the 500th anniversary of his discovery in 1992. Another jewel of the old town of Santo Domingo is also the Alcázar de Colón Palace, which was built by Columbus' son and viceroy Diego Colón from 1510 and later inhabited. The impressive building made of coral stones was elaborately reconstructed in the 20th century and today serves as an important historical museum.

Those who want to relax after an extensive walk through the oldtown should visit the botanical garden. The approximately 1.5 km² large garden complex is dedicated to the protection of the island vegetation and also has a small Japanese garden. Also a walk in the National Zoo Park of Santo Domingo is absolutely recommendable. The attractively designed complex has existed since 1975 and presents numerous exotic animal and plant species. Of course, a big city like Santo Domingo also has a varied nightlife to offer.
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Already in the late afternoon hours the hip clubs and bars start to fill up constantly. The most popular locations are located in the Avenida George Washington, commonly known as El Malecón. An exciting insider tip can also be found in the Parque Mirador Sur park. The disco La Guacara Taina is an exclusive dance palace housed in caves with a predominantly local audience. There you can experience the joy of life of the Dominicans with Merengue and Bachata.

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