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The island chain Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean covers an area of 28,311 square kilometers. About 1.5 million inhabitants populate the 50th state of the United States of America. The name Hawaii is derived from the largest island of the archipelago, also known as Big Island.
Hawaii - View of the beautiful sea© Michael Rosenwirth / Fotolia

Climate, conditions and sports
Hawaii has a warm climate all year round. The islands are equally popular with tourists from America and around the world. Especially well known are the many public beaches. These are often long and consist of finest white sand. The sea of the Pacific Ocean is mostly crystal clear, so that quite a few tourists associate the islands of Hawaii with paradisiacal ambience.

So it is no coincidence that Hawaii is considered the most important center for surfers. Every year numerous international surf competitions take place. Other water sports are also practiced in Hawaii. The conditions are unique, difficult and fascinating at the same time with high waves and partly extreme winds. Worldwide known is the annual Iron Man Hawaii, a challenging triathlon that requires athletes to complete a 3.8 kilometer swim, 180 kilometer bike ride and 42.195 kilometer run.

The hot tropical conditions make Iron Man a sporting challenge that is one of the most demanding courses on the planet. For many athletes, taking part in Iron Man is a dream come true. The Iron Man usually takes place in October. The conditions on the islands are so extreme that most athletes arrive one week before the start of the competition. There is always a lot going on in Hawaii for this major event and a varied supporting program is offered around the triathlon.

Volcanoes on the islands:
Hawaii is famous for its volcanic landscapes in addition to the numerous water sports opportunities and its climate. Nearly all islands are of volcanic origin, so it is not surprising that Hawaii has the highest active volcanoes in the world. Outstanding in this context is the Mauna Kea. With an altitude of 4205 meters above sea level, it is both fascinating and frightening for people.

Besides Mauna Kea, there is a second active volcano, Kilauea. Due to recurring lava flows, houses and streets are often affected. The inhabitants of Hawaii are of course familiar with these natural phenomena and prepare themselves accordingly. For tourists, a trip to the volcanic areas is always worthwhile: The landscape is unique and provides unforgettable impressions.

Fascinating animal world:
Another highlight of the islands of Hawaii is the animal world. There is an incredible variety of animals and especially exotic birds. More than 70 species of birds move on the islands. Probably the best known are the dressed birds, whose group is subject to some single bird species. Popular are also the Hawaiian Geese, which are not able to fly.
Hawaii - View of the beautiful beach© Michael Rosenwirth / Fotolia

The birds on Hawaii usually come along colorfully, also the term "bird of paradise" has to do finally with the birds of the island. The marine animals of the islands are mostly found at Hanauma Bay. The numerous corals in this area provide an ideal habitat. Hawaii is diverse and fascinating. For humans and animals Hawaii offers special, but also spectacular living conditions. The chain of islands is very popular with tourists - a trip to Hawaii is worthwhile.

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