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One of the most popular destinations in Mexico is Cancun with its picturesque dream beaches. On the Riviera Maya you can relax under palm trees. In the former small village on the Caribbean coast you can still discover the traces of the Mayas at some preserved ruins. But in the last decades the place was developed into a modern, pulsating vacation resort. Here you will find the right accommodation for every taste and every budget.
Cancun - View of the beautiful beach of the Riviera Maya© Aleksandar Todorovic / Fotolia

Because of its numerous hotels and buildings in the style of the USA, the resort is also called "second Miami". Water sports are very important. A dreamlike underwater world is happening off the coast between Cancun and the offshore island of El Garrafon. Or how would it be once to swim with dolphins a round. The aquarium "Acuario Interactivo" makes many a dream come true, accompanied by experienced divers, to get in touch with sharks and dolphins.

But also golf, wellness and shopping are among the preferred vacation activities. A trip into the jungle opens the adventure world in the green, wet thicket. Only 5 kilometers from Cancun you will find ruins and remains of the Mayan pyramid in El Meco. Even before the Spanish conquest, the Yucatan peninsula was an important trading center for the Mayas. The interesting ruins of El Meco and the "Ruinas del Rey" bear witness to this.

The ruins of the kings are not of great extent, but the extraordinary architecture is worth a trip here. However, those who do not have a taste for ancient architecture or the wet element can leave the deck chair on the beach for other activities. At lofty heights, paragliding offers a fantastic view of the coast and the town. A more down-to-earth alternative would be a ride in western style along the beach or on winding jungle paths.

A successful vacation naturally includes good food and drink. Countless bistros, bodegas and restaurants along the beach leave nothing to be desired. Local cuisine and international cuisine spoil every guest according to his taste. But the cuisine of Yucatan is not as spicy as it is usually in Mexico. The choice of nightlife for young "party lions" in the evening is overwhelming.
Cancun - View of the Promenda of Cancunchrisroosfotografie / Fotolia

An absolute must is a visit to the trendy store "Los 4 Elementos". Many vacationers come to the Yucatan Peninsula to have fun and party. Bars, lounges, discos and non-clubs on the Avenida Yaxchilan attract with pulsating nightlife. With foam parties, bikini contests and beer in streams, short vacationers, mostly young people or students from the USA, the so-called spring breakers, spend a few short days in the vacation center of Mexico.

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