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Antwerp invites you to stay in Flanders in the northern part of Belgium. Antwerp is not only impressive as the home of the third largest European seaport. With its picturesque old town, the diamond city attracts the eyes of its guests like a magnet. All those holidaymakers who cannot get enough of shopping between Groenplaats and the banks of the Scheldt or a visit to cosy cafés will feel at home here.
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The home of a huge seaport
Without doubt, the city with its gigantic seaport on the Belgian river Schelde is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the country. The pulsating centre of this traditional trading city is the picturesque city centre, whose architectural ensemble is of undreamt-of value. Buildings from the late Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque are lined up side by side.

The Grote Markt, the Great Market, delights visitors with its town hall in late Gothic style and countless pretty guild houses. This is where the big Christmas market is held every year. The Cathedral of Our Lady is also not far from the pulsating heart of Antwerp. This magnificent building in the shape of a church is an architectural showpiece of the Flemish region. The exact architectural style of this church is called "Brabantish".

The impressive skyline of Antwerp

The Boerentoren skyscraper and the Antwerp-Centraal station enchant with their eye-catching potential. Built in Antwerp between 1929 and 1932, this skyscraper was the first skyscraper in the typical US-American style to make history on European soil. Today, only the Antwerp Cathedral towers above the skyscraper.

The oldest magnificent building in the city is the city castle Het Stehen, situated on the banks of the Schelde. The modern side of Antwerp presents the luxury shopping centre built in 2007. This shopping paradise, housed in Antwerp's historic city festival hall, makes it possible to enjoy shopping in a historic atmosphere. Nevertheless, the modern shopping flair has found its way into these rooms.

Antwerp and its culture

There is no shortage of cultural highlights in and around Antwerp. The Rubens Museum near the Central Station has long since become a tourist magnet. This museum reminds us of the time when the world-famous painter Peter Paul Rubbens lived in Antwerp. The artist was at home in the city for 32 years.
Antwerp - Museum aan de Stroom© krizanovskii / Fotolia

Today the former home of the painter has been converted into a museum - to the delight of all art lovers. Of course, it's part of good manners in the diamond metropolis that the Diamond Museum is dedicated to the glamorous side of Antwerp. On the Appelmaanstraat there is a large jewellery and diamond showroom that not only casts a spell on its female visitors. In addition to the Diamond Country, the National Straat is a magnet for shopping enthusiasts and bargain hunters. The Belgian port city is diverse, without question.

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