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The island of Rab is a jewel in the Kvarner bay. It is one of the sunniest and most wooded islands in Croatia. Situated between the Kvarneric and the Velebit Channel, it is separated from the mainland by only a few kilometers. With one of the two car ferries one reaches fast on the idyllic vacation island. Capital of Rab is the town of the same name with its port and historic old town on the southwest coast.
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Most of the sights are also located here. Altogether the "happy island", as Rab is often called, measures 22 kilometers in length and 11 kilometers in the greatest width. Almost half of it is forested and has three karstic mountain ridges. In the west, the hab island Kalifront with its nature reserve, many lonely bays, shallow shores and one of the last Mediterranean oak forests extends into the sea. On the northeast coast, however, the Kamenjak massif falls steeply into the Velebit Channel.

Swimming and water sports
Due to the pleasant climate with warm winters and moderately hot summers as well as a bathing temperature of about 24° in summer, Rab is one of the most popular bathing islands in Croatia. You can enjoy bathing here from May to mid-October. Both the long sandy and pebble beaches and the numerous bays invite you to swim and relax. One of the most popular beaches is the paradise beach San Marino in Lopar (Rajska Plaza), which is especially appreciated by families with children.

There are also designated dog beaches and the possibility for nudist bathing on the island. Beautiful bathing bays are located between Cape Kalifront and Cape Frkanj in the west, for example the beach Suha Punta or Kandalora. Bathing is in principle possible almost everywhere on the island, the water is crystal clear, in summer wonderfully warm and yet refreshing at the same time. Water sports enthusiasts can rent kayaks and go on tours, diving and snorkeling are also very popular on Rab.

Sights and natural beauties
Especially the charming old town in the capital Rab, the picturesque port and the beautiful park Suma Komrcar must be seen. We also recommend climbing the tower of St. Christopher's church with a great view over the channel and the islands to the west. Outstanding monuments of the city are the bell towers, the princely court Knezev Dvor and the Dominis Nimira Palace with artistic reliefs as well as elements from the Renaissance and Gothic.
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The best way to explore the island of Rab is by bike. Well-maintained cycle paths lead along the coast and inland. Ruins of former fortresses, churches and monasteries can be seen everywhere. The village of Kampor with the monastery Eufemija or the fishing village Supetarska Draga are worth a trip. From there, water cabs run to the offshore islands of Maman, Srednjak and Sailovac with their beautiful sandy beaches.

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