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The city of Bolzano is located in the northern Italian South Tyrol and is also the capital of the province. Bolzano is also known as the gateway to the Dolomites of the Italian Alps. The linguistic diversity in Bolzano gives tourists the opportunity to experience multilingualism, different cultures and dialects in one city. Bolzano has numerous cultural and historical sights to offer. For example, a visit to the cathedral is worthwhile. For those interested in the long gone ice age, there is a lot to discover in the archaeological museum. Among other things, the glacier mummy "Ötzi" is exhibited there.
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Bolzano is an insider tip for holidays or excursions, as it has something to offer in every season. In spring you can already enjoy the first rays of sunshine, while in the Alps, which are only a few kilometres away, winter still prevails. One of the many cafés around the Waltherplatz in the heart of Bolzano offers the perfect setting and a view of the city's gothic cathedral. Here, above all, the cosy Italian ambience can be enjoyed. The first events in Bozen start at summery temperatures.

With the focus on dance and music, for example, the annual Tyrolean Jazz Festival takes place. Internationally renowned artists perform here in Bolzano and attract many jazz lovers to the province. In autumn, when the leaves turn colour, the Maretsch Castle near the old town offers a magnificent view. Also in winter the magnificently decorated old town enchants its visitors and invites them to a cosy stay at the Christmas market. This market is also the largest in Italy.

A special highlight for visitors is the cable car. With it it is possible to reach the next hills from Bozen in shortest time. It takes you to the villages of Kohlern, Jenesien and also to the mountain Ritten. The destinations of the mountain world of South Tyrol are also wonderful for winter sports or extensive hiking tours.
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Besides the breathtaking view of the whole town, you can save yourself the winding drive with your car. Bolzano is also one of the largest wine-growing regions in Italy. In order to bring the regional wines closer to the visitor, it is possible to receive a guided tour of the growing areas on Fridays during special days in May and October. There is also a tasting and a visit to wine cellars.

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