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The island Vis belongs to the Split-Dalmatia region. It is located in the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea. On an area of 90 square meters the island is rather hilly. With 587 meters the mountain Hum is considered the highest elevation. The peak offers a fantastic view of the neighboring islands of Bisevo and Hvar. Among the inhabited islands, Vis is the furthest from the mainland of Dalmatia. There is a seasonal flight connection to Split. The continuation of the journey is exclusively by ferry. The car ferry takes two hours. A catamaran is faster on the distance of 60 kilometers.
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Until 1989 the Croatian island was a military restricted area. Today, 3,500 people live here and a helipad is available for emergencies. The largest towns are Komiza and the capital Vis-City in the north. A first settlement on the island dates back to 3,000 years before Christ. Already in ancient times wine was cultivated on Vis. The most famous varieties are Vugava, Opolo and Plavac, which can be tasted in wineries and restaurants. Local bread and grilled sardines, which are among the specialties of the island, are also available.

Vis scores with unspoiled nature, idyllic bays and historical sights. The capital is rich in cultural monuments. Especially in the port with its inviting palm promenade, countless palaces, summer residences, fortresses and churches are lined up. The Franciscan monastery on the Prirovo peninsula proves to be particularly charming. During the annual cultural summer Vis town expects many guests. In May there is an International Festival of Amateur Theaters and in October the island hosts a sailing regatta.

Vis is spoiled with 2.600 hours of sunshine per year. Flora and fauna are Mediterranean. In the summer months the temperatures reach around 30 degrees. Then the water of the Adriatic Sea at 23 degrees offers a welcome refreshment. Not far from the capital Vis, the natural monument Stiniva, the Green Grotto on the island of Ravnik and the Blue Grotto on the island of Bisevo are among the extraordinary sights. Guided excursions or water cabs will take the guests to the natural beauties. The bays Milna, Srebrna, Zaglav and Stoncica are also among the interesting places.

The sandy beaches of Vis can be reached by bus on well-developed roads for bathers. An alternative are rental cars, scooters or boats. Water sportsmen find ideal conditions for diving, surfing and sailing. But the destination is also suitable for hiking or cycling. Vis city has a health center. The nearest hospital is located on the mainland in Split. The capital has a post office and bank, as well as numerous cash machines. Bakers, greengrocers, supermarket and fish market complete the offer for daily needs. The only island gas station is located in Vis town.
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Drivers should pay attention to the 0.0 promille limit. 15 minutes by car from the capital is the port town of Komiza. Dog lovers will find here a beach for their four-legged friends. The popular small town with a doctor and pharmacy has a medieval flair. Visitors can learn about the customs, traditions and history of the region at the Komizer Sommer festival. Speciality of the fishing village is the anchovy cake with beans. Vis is considered the only island in Croatia with natural sources of drinking water. Those who visit the beach Pizdica and Kamenice can refresh themselves directly there.

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