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The charming city on the Mur not only has famous sights to offer, but also convinces with its very own flair. Graz combines the down-to-earth attitude of Styria with a cosmopolitan aura. Secluded corners, open squares, splendid arcades and romantic Renaissance courtyards make up the charm of historic Graz. In addition, the city in the south-east of Austria inspires with wonderful parks, modern museums and an incomparable creativity.
Graz - main square with clock tower in the background© Boris Stroujko / Fotolia

Graz is the capital of Styria and is considered the "hip sister of Vienna". Every visit to Graz begins with the main sights. The first thing to mention is the historic old town, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main square, Herrengasse and the lively Jakominiplatz, the city's traffic hub, are a must see. The wooded Schlossberg nestles against the picturesque world of the old town.

Everybody who really wants to get to know the city has to go up here, and this can be done very quickly with the panorama gondolas. The high plateau is at the same time a view point as also a local recreation area. The fortification was polished in the year 1806 by Napoleon, but at that time, the people of Graz could save their almost magical clock tower from destruction by paying a lot of money.

If you want to experience the young and trendy Graz, you should visit the Lendviertel. Past the shell-shaped Mur Island, a floating platform in the river, which was built in 2003 on the occasion of the "Cultural Capital Graz", you will go to Lendplatz, the heart of the quarter. Here, from Monday to Saturday, the "farmers' market" with fresh regional products takes place. A much larger market, with many Styrian specialities, is located on the "Kaiser Josef Platz".

If you have had enough of bright sunflowers and roasted pumpkin seed oil, you should visit the impressive cathedral of Graz. The simple building has a magnificent baroque interior and reminds us that Graz was once an imperial city. Together with the Imperial Mausoleum and the castle, the ensemble forms the "Graz City Crown". Not far away, a carillon sounds three times a day on the square of the same name.

In 1884 the wine merchant Josef Maurer bought a house at the Fliegenplatzl and installed the carillon. Today the area is also called the "Bermuda Triangle", because cafés, bars, wine taverns and restaurants line up here. You must also visit the "Palais Sarau", a Renaissance palace from the 16th century with baroque elements. In contrast to this is the futuristic-looking Kunsthaus Graz on the right bank of the Mur.
Graz - evening view from Schloßberg© Markus / Fotolia

Graz also has a lot to offer culturally with the opera, the Landeszeughaus and the Joanneum Universal Museum. In addition, the Orpheum or the Dom im Berg (cathedral in the mountain) inspire with popular events and concerts. The Graz cultural calendar offers comprehensive insights.

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