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Just about 60 km away from the Austrian city of Vienna and situated directly on the Danube, the capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. With about 420,000 inhabitants, Bratislava is the largest city in Slovakia and lies directly on the border with Austria and Hungary. The journey itself becomes already the first highlight if one uses a ship instead of a car or a plane. Right from the Danube, one can get a first impression of the city and already admire some sightseeings from a distance. After mooring the ship it is a good idea to visit the Most SNP bridge with the "UFO".
Bratislava - The evening view of Bratislava Castle© Augustin Lazaroiu / Fotolia

This is a viewing platform, which is located on the pillars of the bridge and offers a fascinating view of Bratislava at a height of 95m. The UFO also houses a restaurant and after a small refreshment the tour of the city can begin. Through small alleys you can reach a hill above the old town, on which the symbol of the city, the Bratislava Castle, is located. Also here, one has a wonderful view to the city as also to the two neighbouring countries.

The castle also has a well-kept garden and invites visitors to visit the History Museum inside. The tour continues in the direction of the old town. The first thing that catches the eye is St. Martin's Cathedral, which was built in the 15th century and is decorated with a golden crown on the spire. Here, the coronation of altogether 19 kings and queens took place. Only a few minutes' walk away is the Old Town Hall on a centrally located square. It is the seat of the oldest museum in Slovakia and from its 45m high tower you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the old town.

The tour through Bratislava now leads past the Franciscan Church and the City Gallery to the Michaeler Gate with its characteristic onion tower roof. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city and is the only gate that is still preserved from the 14th century city fortifications. There are many other sights within walking distance, such as the Slavin Monument, the largest war memorial in Central Europe, the Grassalkovich Palace from the Rococo period and the Blue Church, which is often used for weddings and baptisms.
Bratislava - The Maximilian Fountain© emperorcosar / Fotolia

The picture of the winding old town with its many side streets is characterized by many restaurants and cafés, well-kept squares and some interesting statues and sculptures. There are also numerous shops and shopping malls all over the city, which invite you to go on a shopping spree. An evening stroll along the Danube is also a great way to end an eventful day in Bratislava in a relaxed manner.

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