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Those who would like to spend the most beautiful days of the year far away from tourism and hustle and bustle will be thrilled by the small Croatian island Galesnjak. The island, which bears the shape of a heart, is popular with couples who are just in love and its romantic atmosphere makes for special vacations. Nestled between the island of Pasman and the Croatian mainland, on the "Island of Love" every holidaymaker will find a piece of sun and beach to dream about.
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Here one can leave the stressful everyday life behind and let the soul dangle. Galesnjak is not only desired because of its lonely, white beaches and bays, but also because of its romantic idyll. Since the island is privately owned, permission from the island owner must be obtained if you plan to dock there by boat.

A journey into the heart of Croatia
Untouched nature, lonely beaches and the sound of the sea, what more could you ask for for a perfect vacation? Since the island of Galesnjak is uninhabited, especially nature lovers and couples will enjoy the peace and quiet. Also the small island, which is very small with an extension of only 500 meters, is gladly rented for romantic dinners on the beach.

In the future, even couples in love will be able to say yes to this place. In the past Galesnjak was visited by fishermen as a shelter, who looked for protection from storms and storms on the small pearl of Croatia. Today the visitor can enjoy the rich vegetation, trees and olives that enrich this beautiful island. Galesnjak is one of the most perfect heart-shaped islands in the world. Its shape was discovered by chance in 2004.

Not only for Valentine's Day in Galesnjak
The romantic Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to visit the small heart-shaped island. Couples in love enjoy the solitude and the certainty of having a whole island to themselves. But even during the vacation season a visit to the island Galesnjak is worthwhile. In the months from May to October a visit here is especially recommended. With temperatures ranging from 21 to 28 degrees Celsius, the island is also highly recommended in midsummer.
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It is not too hot and the sea breeze refreshes the visitor even more. Galesnjak stands for pure love and romance. If you need a little peace and quiet even on vacation, you should visit the island. Ideal for a picnic for two, for camping or swimming, the small heart of Croatia invites you to relax. Sights, like the city Zadar or the Kornaten national park are only few kilometers far away from the island.

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