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The Italian city of Rimini is located directly on the Adriatic coast and is the capital of the province of the same name. There are good reasons why Rimini is so popular with tourists from all over the world: Beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine and of course the typical Italian charm make visitors forget their everyday life.
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Much more than a party mile
Especially among students, Rimini is known as an uncomplicated seaside resort where you can party all night long. But far away from the hustle and bustle, also those who love peace and quiet will get their money's worth. Those who visit Rimini outside the high season - May to October - will find more private places here and there on the miles of beaches. At this time of the year there are only a few parties and nightly events. Beach holidaymakers and families can therefore enjoy the murmur of the Adriatic to the full.

Activities for young and old on the Rimini coast
Rimini is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, thanks to its long beaches that merge almost seamlessly along the coast. Almost everywhere you can snorkel, swim and surf directly in the sea. Various water sports schools support holidaymakers with advice and assistance. But also on land there are numerous possibilities to be physically active despite the heat: Beach volleyball, beach walks and various fitness programmes invite you to have fun. Those who prefer it more quiet can go for a ride on a boat or watch action lovers waterskiing.

Numerous sights make the city unique
One of the most famous sights of Rimini is the Tempio Malatestiano - a once gothic cathedral. The magnificent façade of the building was redesigned and renovated in the 15th century so that today it shines in the style of the Renaissance. Here visitors can experience a great deal of art history up close. In addition to frescoes and short statues, centuries-old sarcophagi are stored in the Tempio Malatestiano.

The five-arched Tiberius Bridge was completed in the 21st century and is now used by cars. Together with the Augustus Arch, the bridge gives Rimini's cityscape a unique flair. Both buildings can be walked on or visited by visitors. Guided tours through the impressive city take place several times a day and can be easily booked on site by individuals or families.
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Culture and culinary delights as far as the eye can see

Rimini is also highly recommended for fans of Italian cuisine. Besides high-quality wines, gourmets dine in rustic restaurants or luxurious hotels. Numerous idyllically situated cafés invite you to linger and enjoy. Those interested in culture can enjoy themselves for example in the city museum, the aviation museum or the large and small art galleries. City tours and guided tours of individual institutions provide visitors with interesting information about the history of this versatile city.

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