The island of Krk is a charming holiday destination in many areas

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Krk is the largest island in Croatia, covering an area of around 406 square kilometres, and is situated at the beginning of the Kvarner Bay as a region. The island can also be reached by car via the Krk bridge near Kraljevica. On the island there is something for every guest and together with the island capital of the same name with many sights and the classic and idyllic fishing villages, Krk has enough to offer to spend a pleasant holiday on the so-called golden island.
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Those who arrive by car only have to pay a bridge toll, which is valid for the outward and return journey at a reasonable price of two euros. If you are planning to travel to the island of Krk by plane, Rijeka airport is available here. This airport is located in the immediate vicinity of the holiday resort called Oisalj. Overall, the airport has good European connections to other airports and at the same time offers the possibility of panoramic flights over all the islands within the Kvarner Bay.

Krk as a tourist destination is unique - one of the reasons for this is that the island can look back on a long history. Many different cultural assets have been preserved and this is complemented by the beautiful nature and the many bathing bays that Krk offers. In total, the island of Krk has about 18,000 inhabitants, divided into 60 small villages, where guests can also find nice accommodation. Krk has developed into a very popular holiday island. Those who would like to have peace and quiet on holiday should arrive outside the main season, because in the season Krk can accommodate up to 100,000 holiday guests.

The bathing season on Krk starts in the first week of May and water temperatures of 16 to 19 °C can be expected at this time. Those who do not yet appreciate these water temperatures should plan their holiday on the island from June onwards, as pleasant water temperatures of 24 °C can already be expected then. During the summer months, it is in total very dry and hot in the island and temperatures around 30 °C are not rare.

The city Krk on the island
Besides the many bays and idyllic harbours, the town of Krk is a cultural centre on the island. The city is one of the most popular destinations when travellers come to the island. The port as well as the promenade along the shore form a dividing line between the historical part of the city and the modern area. In the modern part of the city there are holiday apartments and houses, as well as numerous hotels and holiday resorts. From the promenade, tourists can enter the old town centre through a medieval gate, which is about 2,000 years old and still partly surrounded by an old town wall.
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Here it is the square called Vela placa, which is the heart of the old part of town and where you can find boutiques and shops as well as numerous restaurants and cafés. On the square called Kamplin you can also visit the Frankopan fortress, which is an old landmark of the town of Krk on the island. The bell tower and the cathedral are used as an open-air stage during the summer months, and thus provide an attractive historical backdrop for the concerts and jazz festivals that are held there.

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