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For many people, vacations by the sea are part of an extensive summer vacation. A destination that has become the focus of attention in recent years due to increased awareness is Goldstrand in Bulgaria. The tourist place lies directly at the Black Sea and is only scarcely 20 kilometers far away from the city Varna. A comprehensive offer of tourist infrastructure and reasonable prices make the place very popular.
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The location is unique
Golden beach has got its name from the yellow grained sand. It dominates the coast, which stretches over three kilometers directly on the Black Sea. The sand is very fine and perfect for a relaxing day at the sea. There is also a legend that the name comes from pirates. They are said to have hidden a great treasure there long ago, which is how the name golden beach is derived. It is clear that the name does not only serve as a marketing idea for optimal vacations in Bulgaria, but it has already for several centuries been the name of this part of the Black Sea coast.

Varied infrastructure for every vacation requirement
In recent years, a comprehensive tourist infrastructure has developed on the golden beach, which includes numerous hotels, bars, restaurants and stores. The range of leisure activities on offer has also developed enormously, whereby the region benefits from the fact that the prices for food or drinks, but also excursions and activities, are significantly below the level in Germany. Especially young people feel therefore very comfortable in Goldstrand and can spend relaxing hours at the sea for little money, where a lot of variety is offered.

Interesting sights in and around Goldstrand

If you want to change from relaxing days on the beach, you can take a sightseeing tour through Goldstrand. Especially worth seeing is the Eiffel Tower, which is a true-to-scale replica of the original from Paris in the ratio 1:10. A little outside the town is the Goldstrand Nature Park, which consists mainly of a generously laid out protected forest. The area extends over more than 1,300 hectares and attracts active visitors with several hiking routes. Whether you are a hiker or simply interested in nature and want to admire rare plants, everyone will find something for themselves here.

Another event worth seeing is the cave monastery, which is located directly in the nature park. The Aladza Monastery has rooms deep in the rock, which were used by monks as dwellings almost 700 years ago. Well preserved murals can be seen on the walls. If you want to get an impression of the history of the region, you can also visit the museum, which is located there. On the way to the neighboring city of Varna there is a stone forest. Visitors can admire exceptional stone formations on the almost eight square kilometers.
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These column-shaped formations resemble tree trunks and are up to seven meters high and up to two meters wide. If you stroll through golden beach, you should take a closer look at the small marina. During the summer months, large yachts can be admired here. It is also possible to rent a boat and see the region from a different perspective. Last but not least this impression rounds off a stay in Goldstrand perfectly.

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