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When night falls in the French city Nizza, as a traveler, one is abducted into an exciting nightlife that belongs to the way of life of the city at the Mediterranean Sea as the air for breathing. A detour to Chez Julie should not be missed to sweeten the night with wine or champagne. The traditional city of Nice, located only 10 km from the Principality of Monaco and at home in south-eastern France, attracts travellers not only with its exciting nightlife but also with its many cultural attractions.
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But also those who drive to Nizza for relaxing will get their money worth here. 20 public beaches invite to relax and also water sports are very important here. No matter if volleyball, jet ski or water scooter, the vacationer will find here a wide range of sports possibilities. And also the physical well-being is well taken care of at the individual beach sections. Those who want to be spoilt with culinary delights should not miss a visit to the Lido Plage. The special atmosphere and the exquisite gourmet cuisine make this visit a unique experience.

The city of Nice is only 30 km from the Italian border and is the icing on the cake for culture lovers. If you want to make a detour from Nice to Monaco, you should take a ferry trip to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the French Riviera. But Nizza has much more to offer than sun, beach and an exciting nightlife. Those who want to walk on the traces of the past should not miss a side trip to the Musée Matisse.

Here, one can admire the works of Matisse and get inspired. The gallery is one of the best in Nice and is located on the Cimiez Hill. Those who like to observe the hustle and bustle in Nice from a different perspective should visit the castle hill (Colline du Château). The unique view from here over the city of Nice will remain in the traveller's memory. The ruins of the old fort and a romantic park with a pine tree and waterfall await the visitor on the castle hill.

On the traces of the past
Villas and churches, palaces and museums, all this belongs to Nizza. Art and history characterize this city. Numerous museums of history await the traveller and offer him a glimpse into the culture of the Mediterranean city. Insights into archaeological excavations can be gained in the Musée Archéologique de Cimiez, artefacts from times long past in the Roman settlement. A visit to the Musée Masséna is also worthwhile.
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The varied past of the city is presented to the traveller here. Those who want to travel further into the history of Nice should visit the old town and have a look at the baroque cathedral Sainte-Réparate, which dates back to the 17th century. Here in the oldtown of Nizza, the life pulsates and the marina of the city provides a unique atmosphere. The French way of life does not only consist of culinary delights, but also the Mediterranean ambience and the old traditions ensure an eventful holiday.

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