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Nature that impresses all senses Julian Alps, located in the northwest of Slovenia, are an impressive piece of nature. They are high mountains and green forested valleys. Numerous mountain rivers run through the area. The Julian Alps also stand for small lakes, which inspire all visitors equally. Clear and green the clean water glitters, silence touches the hearts of the people.
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Small picturesque villages, scattered here and there, still maintain the old traditions. There is hardly a town without a castle. Often there is a gallery or a museum with evidence of local history. Many things can be experienced here, from alpine pasture farming to cheese production. The Julian Alps are home to the highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav. It rises impressively in the national park of the same name. At its feet lies the little village of Bled.

The Bled Castle, high on a rock, tirelessly guards the town. Lake Bled is home to one of Slovenia's landmarks: a small island in the middle of the lake. The island's Gothic church has a long history. Whoever rings its bell with their own hands may make a wish beforehand. According to legend, the wish is always fulfilled. And when hunger strikes, the Bled cream slice is waiting for you, a real culinary delight!

A good starting point for hikes is Lake Bohinj, the largest glacial lake in Slovenia. Many attractive hiking trails through the Julian Alps start here. The waterfall of Savica should not be missed. Another attraction is the extraordinary gorge of the river Radovna. Its flora is unique, and well-maintained paths allow you to admire it from close up. The Julian Alps have well-maintained cycle paths for those who love challenges and want to explore the area by bike.

Wild rivers are waiting for the brave ones who want to try a kayak ride. But the Julian Alps are also suitable for almost any winter sport. As soon as the first snow falls, they turn into a white paradise for young and old. With so much physical activity, the enjoyment should not be missing. Tasty potato dishes and local cheeses are waiting to be tasted. The diversity of the cuisine is based on the variety of regional products.
Julian Alps - wonderful hiking trails© Hanna Gottschalk / Fotolia

Physical well-being is also ensured by the famous Slovenian thermal baths, where you can relax and recharge your batteries. By the way, a particularly beautiful way to experience the Julian Alps is a trip on the museum train. The guided tour starts in Bohinj and takes about two hours. The route is so enchantingly beautiful that one would like to repeat the trip immediately.

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