Stockholm is perhaps the most beautiful city in Scandinavia

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The destination Stockholm offers Scandinavian enjoyment and variety all year round Stockholm is perhaps the most beautiful city in Scandinavia. The graceful patchwork of Stockholm's island districts sewn together by bridges and ferries, the swaying quay boats and graceful palaces give Stockholm an irresistible appeal. Several dozen museums, galleries, castles and palaces vie for the visitor's attention. The Scandinavian city has much more to offer than just a visit to Gamla Stan, the heart of the city and the neighbouring Djurgården.
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Don't miss a visit to the royal apartments, crown jewels and other treasures at Kungliga Slottet. Alternatively, you can visit the fascinating Vasamuseet, which houses and tells the story of Vasa, the Swedish Mary Rose. The pride of the Swedish Navy sank on her maiden voyage and drowned most of her crew. The ship has been carefully restored and is now in amazingly good condition. If monarchs, cannons and ships are not your thing, you might be interested in the ABBA Museum, which is still quite young but already very popular.

This is where the history, the hits and the costumes of the Swedish supergroup of the 1970s are celebrated. In general, Stockholm is a paradise for museum lovers. Whether history, pop culture or art, Stockholm has a museum for everyone. Stockholm's fantastic Östermalm is an ideal destination for a casual lunch or a very early dinner. Those who want to enjoy the full, fancy, fine Nordic culinary experience should try to reserve a table in time at the two Michelin starred restaurant Frantzen. For fancy vintage shopping and some great little bars, head to Sødermalm and the area south of Folkungagatan.

Outside the city it is worth taking a ferry and making a round trip of Stockholm's island archipelago. You will pass fjords, forts and possibly the houses of Stockholm's wealthy ABBA members. If your trip to Stockholm coincides with Midsummer, you will experience first-hand how people dance, drink and party with great enthusiasm at the many festivals around the Midsummer Pole.
Stockholm - the harbour seen from the ferry© Alexi Tauzin / Fotolia

Even in winter, Swedes do not stay in their houses and the season is perfect for a visit to Stockholm. The Christmas markets in Stockholm and the surrounding area offer the opportunity to taste typical Swedish seasonal delicacies, buy beautiful handicrafts and Christmas decorations and of course to meet Santa Claus.

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