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Sardinia has long since ceased to be an insider tip among holidaymakers who want to spend a real dream holiday. Sardinia has simply everything and something for everyone. It has long been a scene hotspot where even movie stars can be private. Surfers have long been familiar with the special spots on the Italian island. Sun worshippers rave about lonely bays with dream beaches.
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And people who want to spend active holidays love the challenge of demanding mountain bike tours. There is something for everyone. And the mild Mediterranean climate is fantastic anyway. No wonder that Sardinia is often raved about as the "Caribbean of the Mediterranean". But Sardinia does not have to be expensive. There are accommodations in every price range - from backpack students to star guests. Also the journey to Sardinia is not expensive, depending on your wishes and your wallet.

There are many cheap flights with budget airlines to Alghero, Olbia or Cagliari. For the very hardboiled adventurers, of course, the journey by car and bus and crossing by ferry is also possible. From the airport at the latest, it is best to take a rental car. In this way you are completely independent of the desolate public transport and can explore or get to know Sardinia on your own. The Sardinia vacationer can choose between luxury hotel, cheap holiday home or camping site.

Sardinia has 2000 km of coastline and many enchanted bays with great fine sandy beaches. In rankings of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Sardinia is often at the top. Among the most beautiful beaches and bays are Spiaggia La Pelosa (located in the northwest), Spiaggia di Porto Tangone (on the northwest coast to the south). Cala dell'Argentiera and Cala Rocchi di San Nicola also have beautiful beaches, which are not so crowded depending on the season.

One surely finds one's individual dream beach and the favourite bathing bay by driving down the coastal road from the north west to the south up to Bosa. In Bosa, the natural pool Cane Malu is a fascinating alternative as bathing place compared to conventional beaches. This bathing place is unusual even for Sardinia, which is rich in exceptionally beautiful bathing spots. Of the cities, a visit to the second largest city in Sardinia, Alghero, is of course a must. Here you will find picturesque medieval alleys. The visit is a diversified contrast to the pure beach life.

A little culture should not only be a must, but is certainly a highlight of a Sardinian holiday. In the north-west of Sardinia, a visit to the Neptune Grotto at Capo Caccia, a magnificent and unique stalactite cave, should not be missed. If you like it more turbulent, you should go to the south of Sardinia. Here are the most famous sandy beaches, but they are also often busier. And in the island capital Cagliari there is of course always something going on. The east coast is still an insider tip for particularly lonely beaches.
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Surfers find their best spots in Porto Puddu near Palau, on the north coast of the island of Sardinia. The most exclusive beach, Costa Smeralda, is also located in the north-east. Many rich and beautiful people meet here to spend their holidays. For many, this place is synonymous with beach and Sardinia. However, everyone should have enough time to explore their personal favourite places on the island. Those who have been there once, will surely come back again and again - to the "Caribbean of the Mediterranean".

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