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The Mediterranean port city of Kotor is located in the southeastern part of Montenegro. Since 1979 the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kotor is not only known all over the world for its historical buildings and the beautiful small old town, but especially the bay of Kotor with its steep cliffs and the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea is a popular holiday destination. It is Europe's southernmost fjord.
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The fact that Kotor is considered the most beautiful city in the country is due not only to its unique location directly on the bay, but also to its reputation for being particularly well-kept, quiet and peaceful. The typical urban side effects such as noise, dirt and hectic rush are not to be found in Kotor. Due to its size, the town radiates a cosy, peaceful flair. Kotor is becoming more and more popular not only among city travellers but also among hikers.

Between the mysterious-looking gorges of houses and along the rugged coastal cliffs, roaming visitors feel as if time has stood still while they experience the unique charm of south-eastern Europe. The townscape is characterised by street musicians, friendly inhabitants and all kinds of market stalls where local farmers sell their goods. The shops are authentic, classic tourist shops are not to be found in this picturesque little town.

Those who want to experience an unforgettable view over the old town and the sea basin can climb the 2,000 steps up to the fortress "Saint Ivan". Depending on the time of day, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking sunrise or sunset over the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea. In addition to the cultural and scenic advantages, several small sandy beaches are easily accessible from Kotor, inviting visitors to sunbathe, relax and swim.

A particularly popular small beach is the "Jaz Beach". This gem can either be reached by bus or by a quarter of an hour walk to Kotor's neighbouring town Budva. An architectural highlight of the town is the Romanesque St. Luke's Church, which has been part of the Orthodox Church since the 17th century. The Renaissance clock tower, which stands on the main square of the beautiful old town, also invites you to marvel and linger.
Kotor - Church of St. Nicholas© maylat / Fotolia

The Benedictine monastery "Sveti Dorde" dates back to the 12th century and is located on a naturally formed island just off the bay of Kotor. The monastery offers a magnificent view from Kotor. When arriving and departing by boat or ship, the tiny island gives a picture that will not be forgotten so quickly, thus contributing to the uniqueness of the town of Kotor.

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