The Cyclades have the most sunshine hours per year

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Santorini is considered the main island of the southern Cyclades. In modern Greek it is called Santorini. About 17,500 inhabitants live on the island, which is located 120 kilometers away from the island of Crete. Anafi and Milos are located in the direct vicinity of Santorini. Among the Greek regions, the Cyclades have the most sunshine hours per year. In August the daytime temperatures reach 29 degrees. With 25 degrees the water is warm. From December to February the most precipitation falls.
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The water supply becomes a challenge during the dry summer months on Santorini. Capital of the volcanic island is Thira, known as Fira. It lies picturesquely at an altitude of 300 meters, which can be overcome by cable car, donkey or climbing stairs. In the alleys designer fashion and jewelry attract the day guests. The airport of Santorini is located five kilometers from the capital. In the old port of Fira, excursion boats leave for Ia, Thirasia and the volcanic islands of the Caldera. The port of Athiniós offers ferry connections to Athens, Piraeus and Crete.

Santorini has a dense bus network with good road conditions. Fira and Messariá are considered central bus stations with connections to the seaside resorts. In the southeast of the island are the popular beaches Perissa and Kamari, which are characterized by a dark and coarse-grained volcanic beach. Travellers should wear bathing shoes here in midsummer as protection against the heat. The color palette of the sand is completed by the Red Beach and White Beach in the southwest of Santorini. The volcano is still active underground on the island. The last eruption was 3,600 years ago.

Santorini lives from tourism, fishing and agriculture. It is one of the most visited and unusual islands of the Cyclades. It is rumored that the vacation island is the sunken Atlantis. The best and most expensive hotels are Oia and Fira on Santorini. One reason is the fantastic sunsets that can be enjoyed in the places built at the crater rim. Families prefer Kamari and Perissa. The locals prove to be very hospitable. From the greeting to the farewell, the encounter can be temperamental. On Santorini, the local and international cuisine has an excellent reputation.

The menu is in six languages. Vegetarian dishes make up a large part of it. Specialties include chickpea or tomato balls. To protect the vines on Santorini from drying out, they grow tied together in small hollows. Opposite the post office in Fira there is a supermarket with a well-stocked range of products. There are post offices and agencies in Oia, Emporio, Pyrgos, Kamari and Perissa. Most banks are located in the main square of Fira.
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There are branches in Ia and Kamari. All larger towns have ATM machines. There is an internet café on almost every corner. The only hospital of Santorini is in Fira. The resorts of Kamari and Oia have first aid clinics. Specialists and dentists practice mainly in the capital. Pharmacies are located in Fira, Oia, Kamari and Messaria. Tap water on Santorini can be used without hesitation for showering and brushing teeth. Only bottled water is suitable for drinking!

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