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Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is not only fascinating but also just as contradictory. The city is the centre of Sicily in every respect. The architecture alone could not be more interesting, as many peoples have left their lasting impression here. The baroque, Norman, Byzantine and even oriental influences are not to be overlooked and make this city so interesting. The city is located in the north of Sicily, in an idyllic bay called "Golden Shell". It is dominated by Monte Pellegrino, which reaches an altitude of 606 metres.
Palermo - View of the city© Vlada Z / Fotolia

The first settlement of the city dates back to the Stone Age. In the mountains of the Monte Pellegrino there are still numerous cave paintings to be visited, which are contemporary witnesses from the Phoenician era. In the course of time the city was conquered by several peoples and many buildings reflect a particular era. The most famous sights are the Norman Palace, the church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti or the cathedral of Monreale, which is located a little outside. The city is lively and sometimes loud.

Nowhere in Italy is the traffic chaos as big as in Palermo. But the city's inhabitants deal with it calmly. There is always something going on here and there is partying all night long. The city can of course be explored by car. But it is much more interesting to get to know Palermo on a cruise. The ships dock right at the harbour, which is also the starting point to many sightseeings that can be reached on foot. Those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle will find from here a little hidden path, outside the dense traffic roads.

This path leads over the Via Emerico Amari and ends in the pedestrian area in the Via Principe di Belmonte. Ideally, visitors can also get to know Palermo better on a city tour. Nature lovers should not miss an excursion to Monte Pellegrino. The nature reserve covers 1200 hectares and is home to 130 grottos. A point of attraction in the city, especially for young people, is Mondello Bay. Here the young locals meet against a picturesque backdrop. Nightlife is also provided for. Holidaymakers can stroll and shop until late in the evening and party until dawn in one of the many discos.
Palermo - View of the landscape© Gandolfo Cannatella / Fotolia

The best time to travel
Palermo and the rest of Sicily can be visited at any time of the year. Winter is quite short and lasts from the end of December to March. Rainfall must be expected in any case. The maximum temperatures are around eight degrees Celsius. Spring already comes in mid-March and has temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius. In summer it can get really hot, because the winds from the Sahara can raise the thermometer to over 40 degrees Celsius.

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