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Relaxation or party holiday at the Black Sea

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Sunny beach - recreation or party holiday on the Black Sea
Dream beach at the Black Sea: The Bulgarian holiday resort Sonnenstrand is a paradise for families and party tourists. An eight-kilometer long and up to one hundred meters wide beach invites you to sunbathe and

Relax. The popular bathing resort Sonnenstrand, in the national language Slanchev Bryag, is situated in the wide bay of Nessebar in the northern part of the Gulf of Burgas. Enjoy restful views of the turquoise sea and fascinating excursions before getting to know the exciting nightlife in Sonnenstrand.
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Holiday for the whole family
The gently sloping beach is ideal for holidays with children. The little ones can splash around in the sea and build sand castles to their heart's content, while their parents relax in the sun. Leisure activities for children, such as a ride on the pedal boat or banana boat, round off the family holiday.

Hospitality and culinary delights

In over 130 restaurants you can experience the hospitality of the warm Bulgarian people. Enjoy fresh seafood and local delicacies such as stuffed peppers or vine leaf roulades, while you end the evening with a glass of wine and a fantastic view of the sea.

Leisure activities on the sunny beach
Sonnenstrand has everything to offer from sports activities to live music and entertaining shows. Swimming, water skiing or jet skiing: water rats get their money's worth. All those who prefer to stay ashore,

explore the region by bike or on horseback. You always wanted to try archery? In Sonnenstrand your dream comes true. Those who have already fully explored the holiday resort will find further exciting activities in the neighbouring villages of Nessebar, Rawda and Sweti Wlas. Vibrant nightlife
Sonnenstrand is known for its exciting nightlife. Bars, pubs and clubs, which attract especially young holidaymakers, invite you to party and have fun. In contrast to Bulgaria's second party stronghold, Goldstrand, which resembles the Spanish Ballermann, it's more quiet and civilized in Sonnenstrand. Here, a fun party holiday with occasional beach days to relax is just as possible as a purely recreational holiday.

Trip to Burgas
The Bulgarian city of Burgas is about 35 kilometres away from sunny beaches. Whether shopping tour or sightseeing: Burgas is versatile and varied. Visit the mineral baths of Burgas. The warm spas, which are located in the Banewo district, were already known by the Greeks, Thracians and Romans.

If you prefer to experience gigantic parks and fascinating views over the city, the Sea Garden is the right place for you. This garden extends alongside the edge of the city for five kilometres and gives a view to the bay of Burgas.
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Climate and best travel time
The climate in Sunny Beach is temperate continental with Mediterranean features. Since the sea acts as a heat accumulator, it is not quite as hot in the dry summer months and not quite as cold in winter as in the rest of Bulgaria. The warmest months are July and August, which also have the lowest humidity. The best time for a holiday on a sunny beach is summer and autumn from the end of May to the beginning of May.
October. High season is from July to September. Those who want to travel later should note that many restaurants close in mid-October.
The journey to Sonnenstrand is by car or plane. The nearest airports are in Burgas and Varna. Have a good trip!

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