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Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and with approximately 7 million inhabitants is comparable to London in terms of population. To anticipate it right away, just like the whole of Colombia, Bogotá is much better than its reputation. After peace was made with the rebels, security and peace have returned to the country and the state in particular is very concerned about the country's image.
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Tips for your journey to Bogotá
There are direct flights from Frankfurt/Main (FRA) to Bogotá. Germans do not need to apply for a visa in advance. Your passport will be stamped upon arrival. Those who visit Bogotá are advised to bring warm clothes. The city is close to the equator, but at an altitude of more than 2,500 meters. During the day it rarely gets warmer than + 20°C and at night there can be ground frost. The best means of transport in Bogotá is the bus. They go almost everywhere and at unbeatable prices. The single trip costs around 0,50 Eurocent.

Sights in Bogotá
One of the most famous sights of the city is the Gold Museum (Museo des Oro) in the centre of the city. There is the world's largest collection of art objects and other exhibits from the pre-Columbian period. As the name suggests, many of the pieces are made of precious metal.

Very beautiful and impressive buildings are also located around Plaza Bolivar and Plaza des Armas. At the latter, the presidential palace extends, an already impressive building in itself. Tourists should definitely visit the square at noon, because the changing of the guard always takes place there at 12 o'clock, an interesting (and free) spectacle.

Also worth a visit is the trendy quarter Carrera 3, where countless artists live and work. Most of the buildings are colourfully decorated, there are numerous cafés, studios and shops for arts and crafts. There, one also best buys the typical souvenir of Bogotá: a mochila. This is a handmade handbag.

Trips to the surroundings
Like every city in the mountains, Bogotá also has a local mountain. It is called Montserrat and is about 3,150 meters high. If you are fit, you can climb the summit on foot (no mountaineering equipment necessary), if you prefer a more comfortable way, take the cable car that leads up. From the top there is a wonderful panoramic view over Bogotá. A small downer: it rains a lot on Montserrat, so be sure to wear weatherproof clothing. Those who feel comfortable in the greenery should definitely visit the district El Salitre.
Bogotá - Colombian Capitol© diegograndi / Fotolia

There are many parks and leisure facilities, including the botanical garden of the University of Bogotá. Even more green can be admired in Quebrada la Vieja, a beautiful park that is used for recreation in Bogotá. The park is also home to native animals such as porcupines and armadillos. About an hour's drive from Bogotá is the salt cathedral of Zipaquira. In the past, salt was mined there underground, creating the unique Salt Cathedral. It is not only a historical sight, but also a popular place of pilgrimage.

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