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Rio de Janeiro is the city of the biggest carnival, the most famous beach and the most beautiful bay on earth. Above all it is this vibrating energy that immediately and magically captivates every visitor. In Brazil's second largest city, nature, culture and the love of life of its inhabitants meet in an exciting triad that you have to experience. Maybe it is because of the warm climate and the natural beauties that things are a bit different here.
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Like New York, Rio de Janeiro is a metropolis that never seems to sleep. The extensive coastal metropolis is known worldwide, especially because of the granite mountain known as "Sugar Loaf Mountain". It is the symbol of the city. Opposite it, on the Corcovado, the 38-metre-high statue of Christ stretches out its arms wide. At the white city beaches Copacabana and Ipanema, which are miles long, life rages day and night.

But also the equally fine and white sand beaches Botafogo and Flamengo offer everything for sun worshippers, bathers and water sports enthusiasts. Cooled coconut water drives away the heat of the day on the beautiful promenade Calçadão de Copacabana, where delicious caipirinhas are on the program after sunset. A cable car leads to the summit of the sugar loaf. The mountain is actually called Pão de Açúcar and is worth a visit especially at sunset.

The view from up there is phenomenal and the light is almost magical. The mountain station Morro da Urca is also recommendable. Also from there you have a fantastic view of the city and the bay. Those who like can climb the mountain from the bottom station at the Praça General Tibúrcio up to there. It is a steep path, but it mainly leads through the forest and offers pleasant shade.

The heart of Rio de Janeiro is the Lago Rodrigo de Freitas in the middle of the metropolis. On the shore of the lake you can relax or cycle. The locals here go water skiing or rowing. The huge Aterro do Flamengo also offers a lush natural landscape in the middle of the city. The park is located along the Guanabara Bay between downtown Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana.
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This is where modernity and culture meet nature, which is why the newly installed "Corredor Cultural" cultural trail is ideal for exploring the attractions of the city centre in a very short time. Also worth a visit is the Escadaria Selarón in the artists' quarter Santa Teresa. This is a tiled staircase that is unparalleled. Rio de Janeiro is especially for carnival, loud, colorful and crazy. Along the festival street Sambódromo the parades are best seen.

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