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Saint Petersburg is a destination of superlatives! The fourth largest city in Europe is located in the east of the Gulf of Finland. More than two thousand magnificent buildings in the baroque-classicist old town are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. In addition, the former Leningrad has the most important Baltic Sea port in Russia. Peter the Great founded the city in 1703 and named St. Petersburg after the patron saint and apostle Simon Peter. Meanwhile, the country's second largest metropolis is an annual tourist magnet for almost 6 million visitors.
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The cultural highlight are the White Nights from the end of May to mid-July, which score with top-class events. In addition, the city delights visitors with theatre, concerts, opera and ballet. For the second time in a row, Saint Petersburg was honoured with the World Travel Award. There are 342 bridges over the countless islands and charming canals. This is why the former tsar city is also known as the "Venice of the North". A boat tour offers a fascinating view of the magnificent buildings along the Neva.

To go on an exciting voyage of discovery through the city, a trip with the metro proves to be practical and inexpensive. Those who travel to Saint Petersburg need a visa. Only then it is possible to stroll over the famous Nevsky Prospekt or visit one of 200 museums. One of the most important art museums worldwide is the Hermitage in the Winter Palace. On an exhibition area ten times larger than that of the Paris Louvre, 2.7 million objects are on display. The Peter and Paul Fortress with the cathedral of the same name is considered to be the historical foundation site of St. Petersburg.

Today, the complex is a popular venue for events and recreation for residents and tourists alike. The opposite admiralty once served as a shipyard. Its golden tower needle is one of the landmarks of the metropolis. With the Isaac's Cathedral, one of the largest sacred buildings in the world is located in St. Petersburg. The impressive gold dome is called "God's inkwell". The interior can hold up to 10,000 people. From the visitor platform you can enjoy a great view over the city. Richly decorated gables, magnificent domes and artistic mosaics give the Church of Resurrection of St. Petersburg an imposing appearance.
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Its Old Russian style is reminiscent of the Moscow Basilica Cathedral. The legendary Amber Room can be admired today as a replica in the Catherine Palace of St. Petersburg. In the 900 square metre ballroom, 100 kilograms of gold were processed. The park of the house is of unique beauty. At the gates of St. Petersburg, the World Heritage Site of Peterhof Palace is one of the seven wonders of Russia. Especially the elegant park impresses with baroque fountains, which are among the most beautiful in the world.

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