South Korea's capital never seems to sleep

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If you like it colourful and lively, you have made the right choice when you travel to Seoul. There is always activity here. The almost ten million inhabitants are said to get by on less than five hours sleep. Currently, the Asian metropolis on the Han River is one of the largest conurbations in the world. The name Seoul is derived from "The Special". Its unique character is shaped by tradition and modernity. Here, futuristic skyscrapers blend harmoniously into the cityscape alongside Buddhist temples.
Seoul - View of the Namsan Tower from Bukchon Hanok Village© Victoria / Fotolia

When hiking in the surrounding mountains, the destination shows itself from a completely different side. Mount Namsan in the city centre can be reached by cable car and offers a fantastic view from N Seoul Tower. The television tower is considered as a landmark. The highest building in Seoul is called 63 Building. The art gallery on the 60th floor is the highest in the world. The Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which was built by architect Zaha Hadid, also attracts visitors with art, shops and events.

During the summer months, a show with effects of light, sound and water at the Banpodaegyo Bridge captivates spectators several times a day. For a family holiday in Seoul, a visit to the Lotte World amusement park, the largest of its kind in the world, is a good idea. Worth seeing is the Korean National Museum. The border to North Korea can be visited on a day trip. Seoul is green. The Bukhansan National Park with 1,300 plant and animal species is located in the north of the capital. Hiking there is a national sport among South Koreans.

In the Bukhansaneong mountain fortification and the Hwagyesa Temple, visitors can escape the big city. The Seoul International Zen Center has its headquarters here. The most famous sights in Seoul are the five large palaces that were built in the last kingdom of Korea. All buildings offer an interesting insight into the history of the country. The Changdeokgung Palace was declared a world cultural heritage site. The highlight of the complex is a secret garden, which may only be visited on a guided tour. The daily change of guards at 11 am is considered an attraction.
Seoul - View of the city© catalinlazar / Fotolia

North of Seoul, Bukhon Hanok Village is one of the most popular destinations. Between historic houses and traditional handicrafts, tourists embark on an exciting journey through time. The 600-year-old village is still the home of aristocratic descendants of the country. Seoul is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. The university city is known for its club scene and party nights. Most of the offers are available in the Gangnam district. South Koreans are extremely hospitable. They love the sociability of the Korean BBQ. Street food is most delicious at the Dongdaemun and Gwangjang markets. Kimchi is served at every meal. The fermented Chinese cabbage is marinated hot.

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