The St. Tropez of Turkey

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The picturesque holiday resort of Bodrum is located in the southwestern corner of the Turkish Aegean. Already in ancient times the holiday resort was very popular. The landmark of the holiday resort is the castle St. Peter. The imposing fort was built in the 15th century by the Knights of St. John. The town centre of Bodrum consists of bars, restaurant and bazaar-like shops. The picturesque quarter at the harbour is crowded in the shadow of the castle.
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The main artery of the old town of Bodrum is the so-called Cumhurriyet Caddesi. It runs parallel to the beach. There are also numerous souvenir shops, jewellery and leather shops, which attract many tourists. Near the centre there is the harbour.

A large number of boats are moored in the marina. According to an old tradition, countless small shipyards in Bodrum make pretty wooden boats, the so-called gulets, by old handcraft. The trip with a gulet is a great experience on holiday. A big advantage is that the yachts go from one book to the next with an engine.

Directly opposite Bodrum is the island of Karaada. It is a green island where many fir trees grow. With an excursion boat the island can be reached quickly and easily. On the island there is a cave containing black mud and a hot thermal water spring. The mud is said to be very healing for some skin diseases.

At the same time there are many beautiful bays and beaches on the island. The sea seems very bright and clear at this point. But also the beaches of the Bodrum Peninsula are very beautiful. They are perfect for snorkeling or diving.

Excursions in Bodrum
Bodrum offers numerous water sports possibilities. Besides snorkelling, paragliding, windsurfing, swimming, water skiing and fishing are very popular. During your holiday you should also visit Bagla on the south coast. There a soft, fine sand is waiting for you on the enchanting beaches.

Around Gümbet windsurfers feel particularly well. For families with children the aquapark Dedemann in Otakent is probably more interesting. This is the largest water park in the country. The water park has 23 different spectacular water slides, several swimming pools and a 50 m long river.
Bodrum - View to the sea© slava296 / Fotolia

On holiday, families can enjoy themselves in the water park until sunset. In the evening, the eventful day can be concluded with the intensive nightlife of Bodrum, which many holidaymakers refer to as the Saint-Tropez of Turkey. Many nocturnal activities can also be found on the Cumhuriyet road. Many extravagant nightclubs attract here.

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