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Cesme is one of the most popular Turkish holiday resorts. The city has about 39,000 inhabitants and is located on the Turkish Aegean Sea only about 80 kilometers west of Izmir. Translated the name means "well". Cesme is located on the peninsula of the same name in southwestern Turkey. It is known for its beautiful bays, the forests of the Taurus Mountains and its clear water. Beautiful beaches invite you to swim, sunbathe, windsurf or kite surf.
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The city itself impresses with its fantastic location directly on the Aegean Sea and its sights. Not to be overlooked is the mighty castle complex on the waterfront. They were built at the beginning of the 16th century by the Genoese to protect the area from the pirates. From the castle you can enjoy a great view of the sea and the city. It has been a lively holiday resort since the 1960s.

Many people from Istanbul or Izmir also have a holiday home here to spend the summer months in these beautiful surroundings. Meanwhile, visitors from all over the world come to Cesme, which has a large number of hotels, guesthouses or holiday homes of all categories available. In Cesme itself you can stroll through the picturesque alleys of the old town.

There are numerous boutiques, cafés or restaurants. In the city centre there is always a lively hustle and bustle. A must is a visit to the Inkilap Caddesi, the main shopping street in Cesme. There is a lot to discover! One should not miss a visit to the market. Here you can buy regional specialities, whether melons, vegetables, fish or spices.

Everywhere you can smell lavender or fresh mint leaves. Also worth seeing is the Hagia Haralambos church of the former Greek inhabitants of the city from the 19th century. It is now a gallery. What better way to end the day romantically than on the promenade or at the Marina of Cesme and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and the sea during a sundowner.

Cesme looks back on a long history
The enchanting port city was founded around 1000 BC by the Greeks living there. For a long time it was known as Cyssus. Already in ancient times the place was very popular with Greek and later also with Roman travellers. They did not come for the beautiful sandy beaches, but for the famous thermal springs. Cesme also became famous in Ottoman times through the naval battle of 1770, when the Russian navy sank the entire Ottoman fleet off the peninsula.

Today, holidaymakers enjoy peaceful and romantic boat trips on the turquoise shimmering Turkish Aegean. There are numerous possibilities and offers to discover the magnificent coastal landscape near Cesme. A highlight is a day trip to the Greek island of Chios. It is only about ten kilometres away from the mainland. Around Cesme and on the peninsula there are other beautiful destinations, beautiful lonely bays with fine sandy beaches and small fishing villages with historic town centres.
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Cesme is a beautiful holiday resort with a wide range of bathing, sports and leisure facilities for families, individual travellers, young or young-at-heart. Cesme is also recommended for visitors interested in history and culture with several museums and archaeological sites. The climate in Cesme is pleasant even in the hot summer months due to the sea breeze.

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