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Moscow, the largest city in Europe, offers many historical sights, interesting restaurants and a lively nightlife. Flights are quite cheap from Germany, which is ideal for getting to know the Russian metropolis in a weekend. The entry at the airport is unproblematic and there is an express train every half hour to the center. From there, you can take a cab or the metro to your booked hotel, both are easily done. At Lubyanka Square, the famous Bolshoi Theatre, both artistically and architecturally interesting, awaits you, as does the Art Nouveau Hotel Metropol opposite.
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Afterwards a walk to the Red Square is recommended, those who arrived around noon will have the chance to have the first look at the world famous square at sunset through the reconstructed Gate of Resurrection. There is enough time for another walk along the walls of the Kremlin down to the Moskva, including a visit to the nameless island. For the evening it is recommended to reserve a table at the famous Reka Club, both the food and the panoramic view of the river are gigantic.

Kremlin and luxury department store GUM
For the next day in Moscow, the historical center offers itself as a program item. After an extensive breakfast at the hotel, this time we will take the metro to Red Square again. There you can easily buy tickets for the Kremlin. While waiting for the entrance at the Troikij Tower, you can enjoy the colorful hustle and bustle on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the view of the domes and facades of the Cathedral Square.

In the State Armoury, diamonds, all kinds of weapons and the famous Fabergé eggs are waiting for you. Back on the square, a detour to GUM, Moscow's luxury department store par excellence, must be a must. Here you can stock up on a selection of delicatessen salads and other specialties for a light lunch and picnic, best celebrated on the nearby meadow by the Kremlin wall. Those who feel like it can take a boat trip from the nearby Pier Kievskiy vokzal. The two-hour panoramic trip is a good opportunity to discover all the highlights of Moscow in a relaxed manner.

Fascinating Pushkin Museum
The next morning, a metro trip can be taken to the Pushkin Museum, but you will need to allow plenty of time for its extensive departments of antiquity, medieval and Renaissance art. The exhibits from Schliemann's Trojan treasure are also fascinating. The Museum of Modern Painting is housed in an outbuilding. At the Old Arbat, the charm of a typical artists' quarter including street cafés can be enjoyed. Afterwards it is time to stroll along the Tverskaya ulitsa shopping mile and watch the street style in Moscow.
Moscow - View at night© manyasha / Fotolia

Sightseeing makes you hungry, so it is worthwhile to plan a short visit to the famous food street Kamergerskiy Pereulok. Here you can find everything your heart desires in Moscow, from snack bars and cookshops to more upscale stores. Don't forget to try: Uzbek kebab, which is reminiscent of the Turkish dish, but is spicier. The evening can end in a typical bar or with a visit to a classical concert. Moscow offers something for every taste, those who have been there once want to come back again and again.

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