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Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is located in the state of Maharashtra and is the economic centre, traffic hub, cultural centre and the most important port city of India. Rich and poor live here together with cultural and spiritual contrasts and the symbol is Bollywood, the centre of the Hindu film industry.Mumbai is the largest city in India and the sixth largest city in the world - at the same time it is also one of the most populous cities (21,000 inhabitants/sqkm) in the world.
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A 2011 census has shown that the city itself has a population of 12.5 million and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, including the northern areas, has 18.5 million inhabitants. Two of the sights in Mumbai are UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Chhatrapati Shivaji Station and Elephanta Caves. One of the highlights of the city is the huge neo-Gothic station with elements of Hinduism and Islam. But the beauty only concerns the exterior!

On Elephanta Island or Gharapuri Island, cave temples dedicated to the god Shiva were built between 450 and 750 AD. The Gateway of India, the huge gate in the harbour, was built in memory of the royal visit in 1911 and is today a landmark of the city. The big square in front of it is a meeting point for all kinds of activities. A few steps away is the 5-star luxury hotel "The Taj Mahal Palace" and about 600 m away is the Art Museum, which exhibits many works of Indian artists.

An extraordinary temple is the Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapti Mandir Temple, which you should visit even if you are not a fan of the spiritual side of India. A sign of the Catholic faith in India is the Mount Mary Church with a shrine of the Virgin Mary, which attracts many pilgrims every year for a week during the Bandra Fairs. Washing clothes in the open air is best observed from the bridge. The Dhobi Ghat is the largest washing place in India. FILM ART is written in capital letters in Mumbai.

To get an impression of it, visit the Film City, the largest film studio in the city. The markets in Mumbai are also worth seeing. The Crawford Market with its huge bell tower is an old market hall from 1871. Fruit, vegetables and spices from all over India are bought and sold here - even in the small alleys around the market place. The Lokhandwala market is a completely different shopping paradise.
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If you like shopping you should come here and see the many designer shops, handcrafted goods, handlooms, shoes and the many street vendors. Afterwards, restaurants are a good place to relax. The Mangaldas market offers silk fabrics and souvenirs. And finally, the only thing missing is the Flower Galli market with chrysanthemums, jasmine, roses and and and .... you should have seen it, too, if you are already in Mumbai.

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