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Blue water, long beaches and pure sunshine, these are the Maldives. Southwest of the tip of India, lies this dreamlike atoll. Just when the wet and cold winter weather sets in in Germany, it is most beautiful in the Maldives, because from December to March the sun shines about 8 hours a day. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the weather on the tropical island, every now and then heavy rain showers fall.
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How to get to the Maldives International Airport
The vacation trip usually begins with landing at Mále International Airport. During the approach you already have an incredible panoramic view over the numerous islands that belong to the Maldieven. The airport is also located on a small island and is bordered on the left and right by the sea. The drive to the hotel is then a little adventure of its own. Depending on how far away the vacation resort is, the trip continues with a small plane or a speed boat to the hotel.

The capital Malé and its sights
The Maldives is the perfect place for a nice relaxing vacation. Cultural sights on the Maldives are rare and mostly located in the capital. The city of Malé extends over an island and is only limited by the many marinas on the sea. Interesting is the national museum, because part of the collection is housed in a sultan's palace. There you get a good insight into the history of the island kingdom.

Many exhibition pieces date back to the Buddhist period before Islam became the state religion. Also a side trip to the Sultan-Mohammed-Thakurufaanu Mosque can be recommended. Outside of prayer times and holidays this impressive building can be visited. Of course the dress code must be observed, but for emergencies visitors can also borrow clothes.

Bathing vacation on the Maldives

No matter when the islands are visited, the water on the Maldives always has a comfortably warm temperature of about 28°C. You can't really speak of cooling down, because the outside temperatures are only about 2°C higher. A really recommendable bathing beach is on the small tropical island Kanuhura. The sandy beach is fine-grained and the sea turquoise blue.

The core of the island is overgrown with palm trees and in between there are the housing estates. There are also several bungalows that are directly in the water, they are perfect for a romantic vacation for two. Also off the beaches there is a lot to discover and experience. Dives and boat trips are offered by most hotels. The water is full of fish and rays, there are coral reefs everywhere for snorkeling.
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Maldivian specialty

Most hotels offer a good selection of international cuisine. But if you really want to try local specialties, you should look for a small restaurant. Riha, a Maldivian dish, is particularly tasty. It can best be compared to a goulash, but instead of meat it is prepared with fish. The sauce is seasoned with curry and tastes very good. But if you want to have a cocktail, you should be prepared for higher prices. In general, the prices for alcoholic drinks are quite high in the Maldives.

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