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Are you looking for an unusual destination and an unforgettable experience? Have you ever thought about a trip to Hong Kong? The pulsating metropolis of Asia is not only one of the megacities of the world, but also has many special features. In addition to its breathtaking skyline and the architecture spread over 263 islands, Hong Kong has many sights to offer its visitors.
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No city in Asia offers a better contrast of ultra-modern lifestyle, after all Hong Kong is considered the technology city par excellence, and tradition. So you can visit the impressive modern city and visit clubs, bars and restaurants and also learn a lot about Chinese culture and Hong Kong's culture. Hong Kong is an autonomous, democratic state, but is under special administration by China. Chinese traditions and culture are maintained by the citizens of the city.

Travelling as a tourist
If you are a tourist moving through the urban jungle, you will notice an extremely lively and colorful city. Hong Kong has a well-developed network of public transportation, with which you can easily reach every destination in the city. The city impresses the visitor with high skyscrapers, colorful neon signs and many people. This impression is certainly one of the strongest in a megacity like Hong Kong.

For tourists, Hong Kong has a wide range of facilities to cater for the physical well-being of its guests. So you should definitely try the Cantonese cuisine, which is common in Hong Kong and is characterized by the use of only fresh ingredients. Hong Kong also has a wide range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Those who like it less traditional, but more touristy, can visit Disneyland Hong Kong, which has existed for almost 15 years. Central Hong Kong also offers western cuisine. And since English is listed as an official language alongside Chinese, or Cantonese, one can get around the city very well with a good knowledge of English.

The excursion destinations
If you set out for Hong Kong, you should not ignore the city's museums. The Hong Kong Museum of Art offers its visitors especially Chinese art and thus provides insights into the country's culture. The Hong Kong Museum of History also offers its visitors a good opportunity to gain insights into the formation of the somewhat unusual form of government of Hong Kong.

On the many markets there are some bargains for tourists. Beside food you can buy clothes. A visit to the jade market is an absolute must during a stay in the megacity. In Hong Kong many festivals are organized every year, for example the Hong Kong Arts Festival or the Asian Arts Festival. Cultural events of all kinds take place regularly in the City Hall and the Cultural Centre.

In addition to the hustle and bustle of the big city, visitors should also take a closer look at the nature along the coast. There are many hiking trails to explore the nature around Hong Kong. Here you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and can enjoy the variety of flora and fauna. Rare species of butterflies can be sighted here. Divers can admire numerous species of fish and corals along the coasts.
Hong Kong - View of the streets© yiucheung / Fotolia

All in all, the so-called high-tech metropolis of Asia offers not only modernity but also insights into Chinese tradition and beautiful natural experiences. The city itself has many other possibilities for entertainment and education in addition to a broad range of gastronomy. The megacity simply offers everything.

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