Istanbul is one of the largest metropolises in Europe

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As an economic and cultural location Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey. The city is located on the Bosporus and spans two continents. With about 14 million inhabitants, Istanbul is one of the largest metropolises in Europe. As the city can look back on a long history, the city offers its guests numerous cultural attractions and contemporary witnesses to discover. The special charm of Istanbul is not only found in the numerous architectural masterpieces, but it is also the traditional and modern cultural elements that fascinate the visitor.
Istanbul - Port of Instanbul with Hagia Sophia© seqoya / Fotolia

Exciting sights tell of an eventful history
The two parts of the city are connected by several bridges and can also be reached by comfortable ferries from the water. The former capital of the Ottoman Empire has a rich historical past, whose valuable legacies are exhibited in numerous museums and galleries. One of the most visited sights and at the same time landmark is without doubt the Hagia Sophia. The cathedral, located on the European side, houses a well-attended museum.

The wide dome of Hagia Sophia is one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in history. Culture travelers should not miss a tour of Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque or the Basilica Cistern. Beautiful frescoes, impressive mosaic crafts and exciting artifacts await the visitor. On the European side of Istanbul there are also chic boutiques, classy restaurants and large shopping malls enliven the cityscape here. The Asian side of Kadiköy is characterized by narrow alleys, small shops and cozy bars and restaurants.

It is the perfect place to be seduced by the Turkish delicacies. In Moda Park, tea houses with seating under scattered groups of trees and the picturesque view of the Bosporus invite you to enjoy a traditional cay drink. The colourful street market Kadiköy Pazari is not to be missed on the list of sights to be visited. Colourful, fragrant spices and other food products are still presented in jute sacks as in the past.
Istanbul - Skyline of Instabul with Bosphorus Bridge© monticellllo / Fotolia

Explore destinations near Istanbul
Hardly any other destination has so many interesting sights and destinations to offer its visitors as Istanbul. Even though the Bosporus is practically right on the doorstep, it is worth a trip to the beautiful sandy beaches on the Mediterranean shore and the Black Sea. There, jet skis, sailing, diving and other adventurous activities await the visitor. There is also a lot to discover for children. Fun and excitement are guaranteed at Legoland and the FunLab Eglence Dunyasi play centre.

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